Black Saturday bushfires (2009)


Found a (very) old “Media Spy” (then known as the “archive”) page for “Black Saturday”:

[via Wayback Machine]:

many photos & all text still there



I remember that day.

Watching 7News Melbourne via Foxtel on the TV that we still have today.

I also remember that famous clip of the firemen giving that bottle to the koala.

And the sad fottage of the fire rushing the hill to that house

I was very young at the time and still remember it

RIP :disappointed_relieved:


Here’s a mostly complete bulletin of Ten News Melbourne (8th February 2009) that I’ve uploaded to my YouTube Channel.


I remembered watching the news that day in Perth. 2019 will mark 10 years since that tragic day. I was in year 10 during the time so our HASS class talked about it back then. What an awful day that was.