Black Saturday bushfires (2009)


I don’t understand your point. News has been covered for decades before social media and smarts phones came along.


I’d go as far to say if people relied on social media - then or now - the outcome would be even more disastrous.


I should point out, this is more than just Faine. Producers, cameramen and reporters all included.


from the article above


Transcript of the broadcast that day


Partial bulletin uploaded by Nine.


I will never forget this day and night.

I live on the outskirts of melbourne and remember seeing one of the fire in the horizon moving with thick black smoke and worried then went down to mornington peninsula for dinner and to drive back wondering how I am going to get back home because there was fires nearby and the road was blocked and then to listen to 3LO at 10pm for the police news conference and driving with tears down my eyes when they said 14 people killed. My family went thru Ash Wednesday but nothing compares to that day and the numbness I felt for the following few days.