Big Brother


This is great news for Channel Ten (that CBS has now bought them) & for us Big Brother Fans as there is hope for the return of the show!!

My fingers are defiantly crossed!


Why are your fingers so defiant? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


lol stupid auto correct


I can see them resurecting Big Brother and making it a multi channel show (format based on the 2001-2008 programming) stripped acrosss Ten and maybe 11 with integrations of live streams across the new on demand platform/streaming.
Now they have the solid base it would be really good for them to give it a crack. They will need to somehow draw people to sign up for the “CBS All Access” platform, why not use BB live streaming as a draw card? Makes sense?


Seeing All Access last year had an entire Big Brother season airing exclusively through the service, having the show as a focal point isn’t that far fetched


Celebrity BB America is coming to 9Go! (for some reason).


Testing the waters for a revival of a local version? One would hope it wouldn’t be a celebrity version :expressionless:

I’d say the reason they picked this up was because Nine were willing to pay for it given their relative success with airing other international reality formats such as Survivor, American Ninja Warrior etc. rather than CBS effectively giving it to Ten to air on one of their channels.


I have two theories

  1. They want to “Spoil” I’m a Celeb by airing another Celeb reality show (and one that 9 likely would have acquired at a low cost)

  2. They want to reboot BBAus in the American format and they are using this as a trial run (long story short: BBUS has a different format where the Housemates vote each other off and there is no public eviction vote).


If anyone revives B.B. it needs to be Ten. It does it 1000x better than Nine.


I have a theory. It’s cheap filler programming.


And get Gretel back to host it


LOL, fair point. I may have over thought it.


Personally, I’d like to see at least a few more years pass by before any Australian TV network considers any local revival (whether it be a Celebrity or normal version) of Big Brother. Better yet would be networks coming up with completely new and innovative programing formats…wishful thinking there I know!

Yep, I agree. The wounds of the last version of Big Brother Australia are probably still relatively fresh for Nine, so I can’t see them going back in that direction in the immediate future.

Also, revivals of previously popular programs (thankfully) aren’t as big of a programing trend now compared to the Late 2000s/Early 2010s.


She’d be like 1000 years old now.




bullshit. she is 55. that makes her too old for the demographic that is BB.


Gretel is great on The Project from time to time. She is a great host, I don’t think her age would turn anyone off. I’m not sure Gretel would even want to do it anyway.


Rubbish. Sonia Kruger is 2 years younger. Compare the two as B.B hosts - one excelled, one floundered.


If a host is good it doesn’t matter how old they are. It is not like the audience tunes in for the host exclusively.


I think a revived Big Brother needs to get a new host though. Someone the target audience can identify with. Let’s face it, many of us who grew up watching Big Brother are no longer the target audience.

Look at what happened with Hey Hey. Tried to bring it back exact same as it left and it failed. It too really needed an update and in that way, Daryl should have moved behind the camera.

A Big Brother for 2018 and beyond needs to be something that uses the formula but not necessarily go back to the future.