Beauty and the Geek

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Coming to Nine in 20201

Nine will discover if opposites really do attract as the unconventional reality competition Beauty and the Geek joins the schedule in 2021.

Hosted by the original beautiful geek, Sophie Monk , this big-hearted program will showcase the power of love on the inside as a fresh group of beauties and geeks from all over the country test their brains and their charisma.

The new Beauty and the Geek promises to deliver laughs, tears and everything in between as two groups of people from completely different worlds are set to collide.

From the producers of ratings phenomenon Married at First Sight , Beauty and the Geek finds a new home on Nine with a rejuvenated and reimagined format as it explores the old saying that you can’t always judge a book by its cover.

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Damn they’re starting early now.


It will be the 7th season overall. Seven aired the first six from 2009 to 2014 to moderate ratings.


Beauty and The Geek was previously shown on Channel Seven from 2009-2014 with Bernard Curry (2009-12) and James Tobin (2013-14) as hosts. The show was produced by Endemol Southern Star (2009-11) and Shine Australia (2012-14). The show was rested from 2015 through to 2020. Nine will reboot the show in 2021. Could this BATG air somewhere during Q2 2021 (where it will replace The Voice as this singing show has moved to Channel 7)?

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Funny how much of a smart arse Nine were when Seven took Big Brother and Farmer and now they’ve done the same thing. Hypocritics.


Exactly what I said - funny that Nine were all catty saying ‘good luck to Seven reviving yet another Nine show ’ and here they are, doing an ‘all-new and re-imagined Beauty and the Geek’ which last aired on Seven.

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Good to see some incredibly innovative programming on Nine in 2021…oh wait.

…and during most of that time, Beauty & The Geek and Farmer Wants A Wife were just about the only programs in the dating, relationship and wedding “reality” genre on Australian TV.

Over the last five or six years though, our screens have been saturated with dating, relationship and wedding shows to the point that there’s now very few, if any niches left to be filled. At this rate I’d almost want to see a show which positively depicts single life to counterbalance it all!

Perhaps there’s a very slim chance this could be a surprise hit. But on the whole, I’m willing to predict that Nine’s revived version of Beauty and the Geek could turn out to be one of the biggest ratings flops on Australian TV next year.

It’s a perfect hosting role for Sophie.

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Why can’t they find or try new formats? Why rehash the same things on different networks all the time?


Because welcome to Australian commercial networks circa 2020-2021.

And to think Nine was above the reboot-athon by Seven these days. Turns out they’re much the same.

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