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rule him out for the top job and give it to Fiona or Sophie.

He’s already leading election night coverage, so I would assume he already has the top job.

Aaron Heslehurst is leaving BBC News


of all things to come out of Glastonbury this year… a drum and bass remix of the BBC News theme

i absolutely love it, although I think I still prefer the Pendulum ABC remix, but the two are so close tho


Still doesn’t beat this:


Sorry, this has nothing on the ABC Pendulum remix. Way overproduced.


Speaking of, wonder if the Bag Raiders mix will ever see the light of day…

New graphics coming? This went on air earlier today on the BBC News Online main election stream, and these are identical to the Election graphics, except with Reith Serif and red…

Just time will tell whether this will happen…


you’d think very soon

although I would hope the normal new graphics, in that style would be thinner, obviously with the election results on the right, it is a little thicker, but hopefully it is thinner (or returning the two-lined supers as per @WestKnight’s mock)



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Old umbrella there.

Which was the last constituency to be declared?

One more to go I think due to a recount


Inverness, Skye and West Ross-shire in the Scottish highlands is being recounted for a second time


Agree - looks terrible. Hopefully it’s just part of the election package.

There’s also one in dark blue and without the logo during News at Ten last night, particularly in leading to stories from Downing St.:

Are we heading back to bespoke colours for different bulletins, or are they just having fun with the new toy?


But, if you’re hoping for a new style of titles to go with the new lower thirds, I don’t think the circles are going anywhere - in fact, BBC in South Asia switched to a similar design language since May. This is their Telugu service - previously, the news bulletins are using the pre-Reith branding and 2013 lower thirds.

I think it makes more sense too, as it incorporated their writing style with the circles quite nicely. This is the behind-the-scenes from their Creative Design Lead in Delhi, who in her LinkedIn said the look was in the works since last August:

Their Hindi and Tamil services are also using the new design. They’re more pattern-based, similar to This is India, an NC programme on the Indian election.


“It has been an honour and a blast… goodnight and good luck”

After 30 years of presenting #Newsnight, Kirsty Wark signs off for the final time

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