Back with the Ex

Back with the Ex is yet another reality relationship format being developed in-house by Seven because there just aren’t enough of these on Australian television at the moment.

Don’t think I’ll be cancelling any of the streaming services I’m currently subscribing to if this is the dribble we have to look forward to on free to air.

Between Married at First Site, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette surely viewers will have had enough romance by the time this makes it to air later this year?

Don’t forget First Dates and Seven Year Itch and the Kiss Bang Love flop.

And yet it’s the Seven CEO who laments that Australian TV programming is “a bit off”… can’t imagine why he’d say that with top notch material like this

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Info from Seven

Back with the Ex: Every one of us remembers the very first time we fell in love – the one special person we have never forgotten. Back with the Ex reunites singles with an ‘ex’ they’ve never been able to forget.

They are then given the chance to find out if they were ‘the one’ after all. Then comes the ultimate decision: do they walk into the sunset together, or do they walk away forever?

Sounds as awful as Kiss Bang Love where they would include someone from their past. Yuck!


Sounds like a local version of Geordie Shore or ex on the beach.

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Is this different to the one they advertised late last year where they were looking for contestants to go dating in locations overseas? If so that will be another one to add to the list :confused:

Is Seven Year Switch actually coming back this year?

Yes, they showed a promo for it during MKR on Wednesday wit Coming Soon at the end.


Is the one that got away your true love? BACK WITH THE EX reunites four singles with an ex they’ve never been able to forget. They now have the chance to find out if they were the right one for them after all.

These couples will relight the spark on a romantic honeymoon. Then, they’ll come crashing back to reality when they move in to each other’s homes… and their friends and family get to have a say. They’ll confess their deepest darkest secrets to each other and their trust will be put to the test.

In an epic finale, the couples will take a once-in-a-lifetime overseas trip to a romantic destination. Here they’ll decide if it’s happily ever after… or if they’ll walk away forever. Will love find a way?

BACK WITH THE EX is an original format from Seven Studios.

Back with The Ex promo just aired on Seven, saying it will be coming soon…

Sounds like the worst rubbish! What are you thoughts considering you are so against Married at first sight?

Well I’ll wait until I see it and learn more about the format of the show and the feel of it etc until I give my proper judgement. However, it does sound like it’s a much better concept than marrying someone before you see or meet them properly, putting my Seven favouritism aside. At least these people have met and been in a relationship previously…

Sounds like Divorce at First Sight.


It sounds nothing like that, don’t just immediately think of the opposite end of the spectrum of MAFS. Typical viewer who just insists on comparing two TV shows just because they are the same genre…

MAFS and the Bachelor/Bachelorette are all fake fairy tale romance shows but a lot of Seven’s romance shows like this and First Dates at least seem half real, like they could happen in real life. People do often get back with their exes again in real life and clearly have first dates with other people at a restaurant (DUH!!!) but hardly ANYONE would marry someone the minute they lay eyes on them or if they did, I would place a million dollar bet that things would end badly for them.

I’ll admit that I like seeing dating shows that are as close to reality as possible and not the fairy tale ones because I am single myself and I like seeing the dating world be represented for how tough and harsh it really is. It is so hard to even attract a girl or get her to agree to a date with her when she is so busy; girls aren’t always just conveniently free when you are as these shows paint them out to be. By the way, don’t say it’s because of the way I appear to act that I’m single. Of course I only act that way on here and when something I’m really passionate about is in trouble. I am definitely not a violent person, I can assure you that!!!

Except for the reactions from Australia’s most well known TV viewers, I personally dislike all of the dating/wedding/relationship “reality” programs currently on our screens regardless of which network they’re on.



Don’t get hysterical. It was a joke.

Same genre, copycat, whatever… It’s all the same to me and I have no interest.

A celebrity version of this might be worth a go. Shane Warne getting back together with his ex?


That was actually the first thing I thought of, the fact you put a disclaimer on our comment leads me to believe you’ve honestly thought it could be a real reason why you might’ve had problems in the past.

If you proclaim to ‘act’ (side note: why are you acting?) a certain way in here when your obvious Channel 7 bias clouds your judgment and reasoning about the success of particular shows or formats - god help the poor girl/s that have to listen to it on a date!

Back on topic, viewers clearly loving the idea of another tacky relationship based reality show…