Back To The Rafters

That’s even worse than not having her in it at all.



Jess’ health obviously is top priority here. But I hope that they just either take Rachel’s storyline and give it to another character if possible. If not, just rewrite it to have her character stay off-screen and if Jess feels she is comfortable enough to film a cameo for the end of the season, like she did with the Rafters finale, then they can go down that route.

I have no doubts Bevan will be able to work around it, but recasting wouldn’t be my first option regardless of the situation.

The Brady Bunch Variety Hour survived without Eve Plumb and A Very Brady Christmas went on without Susan Olsen. Cast another blonde actress and move on. They’re a dime a dozen.

Which they all now admit was the worst thing they ever did and Eve Plumb had the good sense not to do.

I agree with the idea above. They could think of a way of casting another character rather than recast. I think it’s going to suffer the same fate as the rebooted SeaChange where many fans refuse to watch it.

But in this case it’s going to be on Prime and not FTA so it might have a better chance.

Debra Lawrence ended up being more popular than the original Pippa in Home and Away and nobody blinked an eye when brunette Georgie Parker took on the role of Roo Stewart that was once played by blonde Justine Clarke. Simon and Jenny were recast in Hey Dad! when the original actors left the show. I really don’t think viewers will care that much if the story is strong and the quality is maintained.

Face transplant.

Recasting is the worst. Surely they could just write her character out of the show entirely.

I’d say the bulk of the series would’ve been written before Marais pulled out.

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Hugh Sheridan was on The Morning Show today to talk about Back to the Rafters.

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Production was halted five months ago at the onset of COVID-19 outbreak in Australia.

Hugh Sheridan has revealed he tested positive to COVID-19.

Hugh revealed he now tested negative.

TvTonight is reporting the filming finished on 2nd Oct, if they started filming when Hugh Sheridan left his hotel that means filming was done in 23 days including weekends.

Do we know how many episodes? must be a very short season.

It’s just a short series. Basically a test for Amazon: if it’s well received they would consider filming more/new seasons.

Amazon Prime Video head of content Australia, Tyler Bern, told Mediaweek that Back to the Rafters has finished filming and he has seen all six episodes “many, many times”.

It’s a very sweet show that pulls on your heartstrings. Fans of Packed to the Rafters are going to go crazy for it.

We are getting closer to a launch date announcement and it will screen this year.

“All six”… wow!

Shame they couldn’t double it and bump it up to a more typical 10-13 episodes that streaming exclusives usually do nowadays.


Given it’s the first season, I think Amazon is being conservative. If it gets renewed then the number of episodes can be increased.