Back To The Rafters

Coming to Amazon Prime.


Oh, no!

Shame it won’t be on free-to-air or on the original network. But will be interested to watch

It will be Seven’s second production for a subscription service after A Place to Call Home.
This kind of production could be the way forward for Seven to earn some extra income.

Interesting Sunrise is promoting they will have the cast on the show tomorrow…

Isn’t that obvious?

Starts filming in Jan

Very interested to see how this goes considering the house used in the original series was sold off

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They sold the house in the series too.


Just read that full article that had the synopsis! Ha

“Julie and Dave have moved to the country with youngest daughter Ruby. “

Ok I’ll hop back in my box now :joy:

Why wouldn’t 7 air this on their main channel?! I genuingly think it would rate well.

I would suggest it has been given a pretty big budget from Amazon as they seem to have signed the majority of the original cast. Seven I think would not have been able to afford to make it if they had to fund it themselves, and that is why it is on Amazon.

Seven may also have the option as part of their contract to produce it through Seven Studios, to air it on one of their channels once it’s been on Prime Video for 6-12 months.

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Looks like streaming is the way of the future for Australian dramas. Is a big reason why I suggested networks just load all episodes first to their online platforms before airing their dramas.

The interesting thing is Amazon will never make money off commissioning rafters. However, they aren’t in the business to make money from streaming. They are just looking for subscribers to then start using their online shopping platform. It’s clever because of how cheap their service is. FTA networks really need to look into how they can do something similar. If I was at a FTA network or even 10 All Access i would look at teaming up with iconic or ASOS to do something similar.

Prime Video have been quite clever in recommissioning old/familiar content to attract subcribers. The Grand Tour, LOTR prequel, and now Rafters. Pay big bucks for content that will interest the masses then rope them into the Amazon ecosystem.


TV Week reports that Michael Caton and George Houvardas will be back for the series.

Well, if she can’t do it, then they shouldn’t make it. It won’t be the same without her.


There’s talk that they’ll recast the role. Not sure how that will go, since they could have easily have left her character in NYC like they did at the end of the original series.

Poor Jess, hope she is okay.

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