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From my experience Facebook seems to constantly change the web address of videos which is why you can’t play a video using the same link the next day. They don’t do it for still images. I’ve never been able to find a way around it.

It seems to be an ongoing issue for me using sources from most sites except for YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

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Not sure if this is the right thread but say I found a doco on (eg) Melbourne TV but it covers all the networks, where would I post it?

Australian TV industry - General Discussion


Probably the General Discussion thread: Australian TV industry - General Discussion


Why are some usernames grey not black?

Id like to know.

I’ve also asked this before.

Are those people on preview?

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They have MediaSpy Prime accounts, obviously.


Does that mean you can get MediaSpy WIN accounts now too? :grin:

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Mods give us back the eyeroll reacts you cowards




Not sure


Are they not the users being moderated?

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Is there a real point for having every single promo watermark being posted in the watermarks thread?

Isn’t that what the Watermarks thread is for?


I would have thought that the main focus would be channel watermarks. I don’t feel that promo watermarks are particularly notable since they almost literally change every day and they are usually the same other than different text/logos.

They I actually find intrusive, the channel watermarks couldn’t give a stuff. No skin off me.

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Some are worse than others.

Channel watermarks don’t change much now. TV networks have made them about as obnoxious as can be already.

The 7Plus one has shrunk on the Fire TV 7Plus app at least.

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