Australian Survivor

TV Blackbox understands that the next theme for Australian Survivor in 2025 will be… Australia v America .

Inside Survivor has also heard the season could be much shorter than the usual length of an Australian Survivor season, which tends to run anywhere between 47 and 50 days. This edition could potentially be half that, even shorter than the former 39-day standard.

Filming is expected to take place in September, with the show airing in January 2025. We do not yet have details on the location.

UPDATE: We have heard a regular-length newbie season will still be filmed this July in addition to the AU v US special.

Sounds like an excuse to bring back Aussie players without doing a full Aussie All Stars.

This is interesting timing given US Survivor has just announced a returnee season for season 50. It might be hard for them to get some players if they are already in talks to return for that (still a year away till that films though).

I’m also interested in how many Aussie Survivor fans would actually know US players? Would it have big appeal here? It might excite superfans but I’m not sure it will excite casual viewers, unless they cast people from way back in the early seasons. I remember friends of mine not having a clue who Russell or Sandra were when they were bought back here, even though to Survivor fans they are 2 of the biggest names to ever play the game. They also risk a bit of overkill if they do have 2 seasons next year.

Saying that - please no Sandra or Russell again.

This is completely wrong.

I can unveil the actual theme tomorrow.

It’s a special season.
They’re filming:

A newbie season in starting in July.
AU vs US starting in September.

I’m thinking we will be getting the newbie season in January (premiere) and then the US v AU special in July.

I think that’s an interesting potential proposal but how would that impact 10’s line up for other shows.

If that is the case, here’s my guess for what Amazing 2025 line up look like:

Jan: This rumoured Survivor: Aus vs America / Aus vs The World (hypothetically, they could include players from other versions beyond the US (NZ, Sth Africa, UK are all on 10Play, perfect cross-promo). It would also be similar in theme to what Endermol did with LegoMaster)

Feb-Early March: I’m a Celeb (airing in Feb for 6 weeks like the first few seasons, it also counter-programs the soap opera dramatics of MAFS with something lighter, fun and silly)

Mid-Late March-Mid June: Masterchef - Earlier than normal but still airing for 12 weeks. While it starts in March (when it’s relatively warm) is goes through to winter where all the confort food shown will appeal to audiences.

June-August: Aus Survivor (newbie season) - avoids the bigger shows on rival networks, to truely allow Aus Survivor to flourish properly (as opposed to airing against Block or MAFS). It also airs away from the US version so fan discourse would be focused on the Aussie Version.

August-End of Year: I guess it would be Amazing Race, Hunted and/or Desert Master along with whatever else 10 have. Would love more Traitors or a Mole reboot. Could see a live Big Brother working here (ideally competitive and game oriented (like Ch7 version) but with audience voting (like the old version), or perhaps they take a risk on Aussie Versions of the Dani Minogue lead I Kissed a Boy/Girl series.

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All reports seem to indicate that the newbie season will come before the Aus vs World season, which will be an additional shorter season (or at least filming less days, maybe being more current US style).

Love the idea of two survivor seasons as ten does this show very well but could be overkill if they also proceed with the rumoured deal or no deal island

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Love the sounds of a Aus vs world season. That has been discussed on fan forums a lot. I don’t get the hate for returning contestants, in Heroes vs Villains I thought the returning players were the highlight, playing confidently from the get go. The newbies were boring.

Not sure about 2 seasons per year, that never ends well.

Well it would appear all the big Survivor fan websites are now backing up TV Blackbox’s reporting so if you know something different you probably should reveal it.

I do think that year, they didn’t do a big casting call.

So the newbies were all sought out or were applicants they liked form past seasons. A few were fans, but most appeared to be sought out from having an obvious hero or villain background (the lifeguard, the hot shot real estate agent, the activist, the beauty queen who allegedly pushed someone down the stairs). They were picked to be a character first and a player second.

I am of the opinion of making the returnee seasons special (every 4-5 years or so) and don’t mix returnees and newbies - a level playing field makes for a more dynamic game.

Rupert will definitely be in contention.

Which sounds sad. But it’s funny how everything about Survivor Au has sounded awful on paper but turned out pretty good at least and fantastic in a lot of cases.

The original leak of 24 people and 55 days was slagged back in early 2016. And yet, fans love it now.

There was rumours of cancellation after the second season in 2017, and yet EWndemol pivoted to casting some celebs in CvC which was panned as too gimmicky…But wound up being a good season, with some of the celebs being stand out stars like Shane Gould, Mat Rogers and Brian Lake.

Then Endemol does CvC again, and publicises this when casting…
‘It’s been done’ people said ‘Ugh! more Celebs?’ and yet CvC2 became a beloved season, which most people believe to be better than CvC…And again, the Champions give us some legends - David Genat, Janine Allis, Abbey Holmes, Pia Miranda.

Then towards the end of CvC2 airing, they announce All Stars.
‘It’s too early for All Stars…I mean there’s only been four seasons’ we hear…And week to week, not a great season and not amazingly recieved. But the season to this day has awesome rewatch value and cements Shonee as a legend.

Anyway I need to hurry up…But the list goes on. From the choice to film in Australia for the Pandemic being criticised, and yet giving us the first unique scenery a lot of fans have seen since the US was in Cambodia in 2015 to the ‘gimmicky cast’ of Blood sv Water with choices like Sandra, Khanh and Sophie (again the season has it’s issues.) to how Heroes vs Villians can’t be adapted to include newbies and half newbie half returnee seasons suck…Annnnnnnnd it later being called one of the greatest seasons of the franchise.

My point is, this sounds ridiculous.
Au vs US. Short season.
It’s a novelty, but if anyone can pull it off I’m pretty sure it’s Survivor Au haha.

I hope so.
I’m fairly sure he’s had some health struggles of late though.

Aaron has a chat with 10 programmer Dan Monaghan up which confirms, season 10 will be a return to Brain V Brawn.

Though no mention of a second series, seems they’re not ready to confirm that yet which makes sense, but TV Blackbox’s report seems to be substantiated online by a lot of sources and industry websites who would know.

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I can also confirm that the following season will NOT be Australia v USA.

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Boring. Surely they can think of something new.

I’ll take a guess that they are doing some sort of All Stars as a shorter season and they’ve considered including some US contestants, rather than being a specific Aus vs USA.

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Well that’s disappointing. If they were going to recycle anything, I would want Blood vs. Water. That brought some interesting new dynamics to the game. The attempt ten tried turned out underwhelming because the post-merge game was a one sided affair for the alpha-male alliance. but the format is worth another go imo.

Milking something that worked once to extract all its worth until it’s dead. Usual 10.

Surely they could do a season of David v Goliath or something new?

They just love the similar themes under different names. Champions vs Contenders, Brains vs Brawn, Titans vs Rebels… all too similar split of intellect/underdogs vs the over achievers/strength.

Surely time for something new. Maybe time for Australian Survivor to try a 3 tribe format as a point of difference. It wouldn’t even have to be a big themed name season, they could promote it as 3 tribes. Or surely they could do something slightly different that has been done in the US like a Worlds Apart (based on profession), or Millenials vs Gen X (or Gen Z) etc. Or even a twist type theme.

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