Australian Survivor

From next week, the cast reveals will happen during The Project.

UPDATE 28/11: the first contestant revealed during The Project is writer and broadcaster Benjamin Law who was in Heroes tribe.

The next contestant revealed tonight, also in Heroes tribe, is filmmaker and director Rogue Rubin.

P.S. It seems like that the announcement isn’t posted on social media until 10pm AEDT, after the contestant has been revealed on The Project in WA, due to time difference.

Benjamin Law? Really? Is there any every day people this season?

Next contestant revealed is journalist and former Real Housewife of Melbourne, Anjali Rao.

Really don’t think this strategy of revealing them one or two at a time does the show any favours. Nobody is watching the shows to see the reveals, and usually with casting you need to see how it fits together as a whole rather than the individualas. It’s also been going on for weeks - different if they revealed 4 or 5 a night for a week, but seems to be 2-4 revealed a week.


Is this season just “celebrities” and ex-contestants? Where are the everyday people, the fans and players of the game…

I really don’t like that every reality show these days is just becoming “celebrity” versions by default.


No. It’s all returnee’s and D-grade celebs. Same formula they’ve done for many seasons now.

We’ve had 2 champion vs Contenders seasons (i.e. half casts of D- grade celeb). An All Stars season. Blood vs Water sprinkled with both returnee’s and D-grades too.

Now it’s another season with half returnee’s and half D-grades. :sleeping:

Of the last few Australian seasons the only one that I was really into and enjoyed was Brain vs Brawn. And whilst it was still had with a handful of D-grade names, the reason it was so good was because it was a mostly new and fresh cast.


Didn’t they do a casting call after last season? I guess all those applicants wasted their time if they are only using past contestants and casting agency D listers.

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Not sure why the network / production company keep persevering with this same casting method and stunt tactic - it’s clearly not what audiences want to see.

Surely they can’t be blinded by the fact that by doing this they’re driving away fans who are / were heavily invested in the show and decreasing the longevity of the series overall.

Simple is best, go back and stick to basics.


Pole vaulter Liz Parnov was the next contestant revealed tonight.

Completely agree - give real people the opportunity.


Flick Palmateer - from season 6

Lots of creativity in casting by 10. All either ‘celebrities’ or returnees who we’ve all had enough of by now :roll_eyes: