Australian Survivor

According to Sunday Herald Sun’s Fiona Byrne, past contestants Jordie Hansen, Shaun Hampson and George Mladenov are heading for Samoa, as are former Essendon AFL player David Zaharakis and journalist (and former Real Housewife of Melbourne) Anjali Rao.

So it’s returning players vs celebs then? Geez they are creative.

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Oz Survivor had Traditionally aired after Masterchef concluded, But this year it aired before it, I want to see it air in the Winter.

If some of the rumoured returning players are true then this season is going to have multiple third time players and winners playing again.

I have a feeling bogan Johnny is back minus the mullet

Without a mullet, does he lose his super powers? :stuck_out_tongue:

The mullet is on the other tribe.

It will be I interesting to see how he is edited in. He was portrayed as a happy-go lucky guy on the show, but the jury villa showed he has a real nasty side.

In the past Lochie and David (golden god) were portrayed as arrogant chauvinists in their first seasons but then they were made much more likeable in their second seasons. Part of the hazard of returning cast, it reveals the power the editing has.

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