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Discussion of the regional and suburban publisher formerly part of Fairfax Media

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The Canberra Times are set to launch an independent political and public service bureau later this month, following Nine’s divestment of ACM earlier this year.

As discussed elsewhere, a content-sharing agreement between ACM and Nine Publishing is set to end later this year.


That means ACM will need its own reporters to be based in Sydney and Melbourne, and not rely too much on reports from AAP.

Why? Using AAP would be cost effective, just as Nine and News use reports from AAP and other news services.

Having its own reporters means they can come up with exclusive stories not seen on News and SMH/The Age, and this will attract subscriptions.

Because who’s going to subscribe to a service that just republishes AAP content?


It was in reference to Sydney and Melbourne stories.

The sale by Nine of Australian Community Media to Antony Catalano and Thorney Investment Group was completed on 30 June 2019, Nine said today in a statement to the ASX.

what papers does he now own??

Canberra Times, Newcastle Herald, Illawarra Mercury, The Examiner (Launceston) & The Courier (Ballarat), along with many other regional papers, plus its community newspapers in Sydney & Melbourne.

There is still a Fairfax Media sign out the front of the Bay Post office in Batemans Bay. I imagine it will take some time before all traces of the Fairfax name disappear.

So I see ACM now have a tie up with a new real estate website

It’s not that hard to miss given that every ACM website (and no doubt paper) have published the PR/Story

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According to tonight’s Media Watch, the ACM daily newspapers, including The Canberra Times, might (at least) suspend printing, due to the coronavirus that is affecting its viability.

Source: Media Watch, ABC, 30th March 2020

If that were to be the case, this could leave Australia’s national capital, at least temporarily, without a daily newspaper. :frowning:

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i think if it did happen it would be the first time ballarat would be with out a paper .

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