Australia Day Skyworks

Watching Catchup of the Australia Day Skyworks on 9Now. Look at the fireworks over the Swan River, Perth.


Seven showed the Skyworks between 1996 and 2018 but can’t find any footage on the web of the TV broadcast back in the day especially during the early years. Would love to see uploads of past displays.

Encore this Sunday at 11am

No show next year.

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But the City of Perth council has a change of heart and will hold Skyworks next year.

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Skyworks returns for 2022 on Australia Day, January 26.

Mix 94.5 will broadcast the official soundtrack during the fireworks display, but so far there are no details of any TV coverage.


No coverage on Nine’s main channel or multichannels in Perth.

For the first No tv coverage on Perths skyworks in WA ……

7 lost the rights? Bare in mind the last time I watched the Skyworks on TV was in 2007.

Seven lost the rights in 2018, it was mentioned in the very first post of this thread.

I think for me, invasian day has too much historical bloodshed in our history for us to celebrate it. But I am not certainly going to call an axing to the Skyworks . The fireworks are a form of entertainment, and generally, people loved it. I think how society celebrates these events should be left up to the individual, not be dictated. Australia Day means different things to different people. I do not celebrate it, I label it as invasion day, but I will not tell someone not to celebrate it if it has something special meaning to them. (For example, getting wasted… because it’s your birthday or some other special event).

Obviously, the pandemic has put a damper on these sorts of events.

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Watching Fireworks on tv - it just never the same

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Coverage was on TV as early as 1997 on Channel 7

In case you are wondering, Skyworks is no more. A small scale drone and fireworks display will take place on Australia Day tomorrow at Langley Park, but the Birak Concert — a celebration of Indigenous entertainment at the Supreme Court Gardens — will continue.

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