August 2019 Stabbing Incident in Sydney

Nine News Sydney has interrupted normal programming.



Peter Overton on Nine News Now (AEST).


At 3pm in Melbourne we went to this coverage with Peter Overton.

Major police operation in Sydney CBD, it is believed that a man had stabbed a number of people.

Looks like Seven will have the advantage come 6pm with a cameraman capturing the action:


Strange that the police media conference that ABC News had shown live was only seen on Nine at its conclusion. Probably time to repeat the same footage of the arrest another 5 10 times.

Nine just reported that one person has been found dead. Unconfirmed at this stage.

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Sounds like Andrew Denney was actually there to witness and document the event. Explains why the odd watermarking - my guess is he used a watermarking app on his phone and uploaded.

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A very Australian way to ending a siege, with the alleged perpetrator being held down by two dining chairs and a milk crate.


Nine is crossing nationally

After one hour of coverage on 9 News Now, Queensland viewer’s got local news at 4 and the lead story was the Sydney stabbing! Luckily it only went for a minute at the start of the news; they returned with more later.

Seven News at 4pm has had several local stories and has only now (4:07pm) got to the Sydney CBD event - the story ran for probably one minute.

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Now confirmed

And it’s also been confirmed that it’s linked to the attack.

Does anyone have caps from 7 News (coverage that was exclusive to Sydney)?