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22 May

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Does apple tv+ have movies or only in house ones i personally dont think theres enough content to get me to join this service

Only has Apple originals, which there’s a fair amount of now, but it’s definitely more of a “subscribe for a month or two, watch what you want, cancel when you’re done” service.


Having just watched S3, E8. Couldn’t agree more, christ this show has gone so South.

i have it as i have an apple one membership that the TV is part of. I wouldn’t pay for it by itself, but as its part of apple one its ok

Foundation returns July 14

Hijack premieres June 28 with first two episodes, followed by one new episode every Wednesday

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Happy about this. It’s a decent show!

This was highly enjoyable, going to be a good watch as the series progresses!

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The Apple TV+ drama will return globally with two episodes on Wednesday, Sept. 13, TVLine has learned. Single episodes will follow weekly through the finale on Nov. 8, for a total of 10 episodes.


Killers of the Flower Moon will be released in cinemas on October 19 (confirmed by websites of Hoyts and Village Cinema) then globally on AppleTV+.

The third and final season of Physical premieres on August 2 with the first two episodes of the ten-episode season, followed by one new episode every Wednesday.

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