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Launching in Australia soon.


nice to see that they’re making an apple tv show about how the channel 7 show was made :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why Jennifer Aniston new series ‘The Morning Show’ has a different name in Australia

The show had to be re-named for its Australian release as there is already a popular daytime programme titled The Morning Show airing on Channel 7.

I suppose the kind of people that watch daytime TV on a regular basis are easily confused.


How ridiculous :man_facepalming:t2:


Full trailer for The Morning Show or “Morning Wars” is how online.

Looks decent though comparisons to the newsroom might be strong and this looks like a weaker version of it…

That said the cast is amazing and that alone will make me watch this.

Now we just need to patiently wait for Apple TV + subscription pricing… I can’t see myself forking our another $10+ per month on top of Stan, Netflix, Hulu and Disney + so I’m hoping it’ll be less… nevertheless I’ll subscribe to watch this show then cancel.


The Morning Show is now the most expensive TV series ever made according to Financial Times…

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They are paying for 3 big name actors

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Yep. The budget isn’t being spent on sets and action set pieces but the fact they’ve got 3 big names probably demanding 15-20 mil per season (2x10 ep seasons) that alone is 45 million per season just for those 3… I’m speculating of course.


Current rumours point to this costing US $9.95, which if Apple Music is any indication will probably be AU $11.95.

Unless Apple are holding something back, like access to movies or something, that seems too expensive for a few shows (as big budget as they seem to be).


Agree. Price point is too high for too few shows… what will that be complimented with?

  • Apple TV Plus is set to launch November 1.
  • $7.99/month (or free for the year if you buy the new iPhone).
  • Most shows will release three shows initially, then launch one episode a week from there on.
  • No ads.
  • Will be available on the revamped Apple TV app.
    Happy to be corrected if I’m wrong

Screw my year 12 exams, I’m watching The Morning Show, I mean Morning Wars!!

Hmm, I am looking forward to The Morning Show and I checked out the trailer For All Mankind which looks great, but aside from that there is just too little on the service at launch to warrant spending more money on another streaming platform.

I think already subscribing to Netflix, Stan, Hulu and planning to subscribe to Disney+ is enough - might have to find another way to watch The Morning Show or wait till Season 1 ends and subscribe for a month to watch it.

Also, 1 free week trial when everyone else gives out a month - I thought Apple might give 3 months free much like Apple Music.

Just like traditional old dated tv.

Netflix will be laughing.

Think they’re trying to push people to purchase new Apple products since they all now come with a one year free Apple TV+ subscription.

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I know. Should have waited to buy my Apple TV

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