Amor/Maddern Leaked Video

I got the video sent to me elsewhere but this is the best I could find of it on twitter:




Seems like a normal conversation two friends have together. Mind you I would not swear as much as what they have but that’s just me. Why was the video leaked? What is the motive? This stuff would happen all the time. It’s not a big deal. But leaking the video is just bad form.


There is a time and a place - in the studio prepping for a bulletin maybe isn’t it.


Agreed, completely. If the timestamp is accurate - it’s pre-bulletin, they would have no reasonable expectation of being on air, it’s not during a track or even an ad break so while the adage of the camera/mic being on is correct- it’s simply unnatural to always operate in those parameters well outside broadcast time. I’m guessing it’s gone out on an unscrambled channel or feed somewhere potentially? If it’s come from a control room source that is more than a worry and speaks to underlying issues at 7 Melbourne.

Regardless, this should fizzle out pretty quickly if anything happens at all - it’s not like Mike was having a crack at Rebecca for wearing the same colour jacket as him.


Par for the course in most industries. Finance, media, tradies etc. Society uses that language in everyday vernacular. This is how every day people talk. The word fuck or calling someone an asshole is not taboo.


Some people will remember this. It discredits both presenters. For example Naomi Robson never recovered from what was recorded and then leaked many years ago. Different comments entirely.

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Depends which side of this whole saga you’re on really. I can’t imagine those opposed to Djokovic playing in the Australian Open really being offended by those comments, but it certainly doesn’t set such a good precedence for their reputation either.

Speaking of this, they really need an internal check over there. How much more of the affairs at Seven Melbourne will we keep hearing about?

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Refreshing to see honestly. 90% of Twitter is agreeing with them anyway and enjoying seeing their honesty.


Part from the swearing and both presenters letting their personal (popular) views known on the story, there’s really isn’t much in it. It comes across as two work colleagues (friends) chatting away.

They might even add a few extra viewers to the bulletin :+1:

I for one agree with everything they said.


That clip was hilarious. Totally agree with their view though.
Would probably say that level of swearing while in-studio is a no-no but its no different to a normal conversation I have with mates :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well I guess the Serbian community will be protesting out the front of Ch7 Melbourne tomorrow after what Bec and Mike said, lol.


Bec and Mike copping some nasty comments from Novak fans on the most recent posts of their Instagram accounts.

This will be old news in 24 hours but it again highlights the negative workplace culture at Channel 7 in Melbourne that someone has gone out of their way to leak this. Will be an interesting morning meeting with all the staff in the newsroom tomorrow, that’s for sure.


Always thought Seven would come to regret the dual presenter format. Just didn’t think it would happen in less than a week. These things are far less likely to occur with one person at the desk. Just sayin’.

Who’s next in line for the weekend newsreading gig at HSV? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be the Debbie downer and say it’s staged.

They perfectly cover all the popular talking points in one short shareable clip? And at a time when 7 has a new presenter lineup to promote? It’s too perfect.


Herald Sun has picked up the conversation clip, a new article has been posted online in the past few minutes.


Marie-Louise Theile pleased she’s now not the only newsreader to call someone an a***hole

YouTube: mitchiev91


I love it! Go Mike and Bec. Only saying what the majority think. Who cares? It was off air.


Amber Sherlock probably doing cartwheels now that her “hot mic moment” has been superseded.


If anything they’ll love the free publicity from it since most people would actually agree with their views on this whole situation (I know I do). If the Serbian community wants to make a fuss, do because no one is really on their sides after seeing what Novak is really like under that thin skin of his.

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