Amazing Grace

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Coming to Nine in 2021
Amazing Grace , Nine’s new drama series about life’s most surprising and precious moments, features a stellar cast including Kate Jenkinson (Doctor Doctor, Wentworth, Offspring) , Sigrid Thornton (Seachange, Wentworth) , Catherine Van Davies (Hungry Ghosts, The Letdown, True Story with Hamish & Andy), Alexandra Jensen (Frayed, My Life is Murder, The Letdown) and Kat Hoyos (Here Come the Habibs!) .

Amazing Grace is centred on midwife Grace ( Kate Jenkinson ) and her passionate colleagues at an unconventional birth centre attached to a major city hospital. A fierce advocate for her pregnant mothers-to- be, Grace’s dubious work/life balance is about to get even more chaotic when a new arrival at the birth centre changes her life forever.

Produced by Playmaker Media for Nine, the creative team for Amazing Grace includes writers Jonathan Gavin ( Offspring ) , Ainslie Clouston ( Playing For Keeps ) , writer and executive producer Sarah Smith ( Love Child ), set-up director and co-executive producer Shawn Seet (Love Child, Reckoning, Hungry Ghosts), producer Diane Haddon (The Commons, Reckoning, The Code) and executive producers David Maher and David Taylor ( Love Child , Bloom , The Commons ), plus Nine’s Head of Drama Andy Ryan.

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And now they’re able to time travel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Amazing Grace is a better title than the original working title The Midwife. Is this show going to be that much different to Offspring though or is it more like Love Child with its female dominated cast?

Haven’t they learnt anything from so many flops in female dominated drama aimed at a niche female audience? Bad Mothers, Sisters, Secret Bridesmaids’ Business. Would have been better making a drama with a more balanced cast like Doctor Doctor.


Sounds promising with Kate and Sigrid who are terrific actresses.

Or a second renewal of Halifax, although I feel there’s more partners involved for a renewal of that (Beyond lonehand, Roger Simpson etc) maybe it would have been too early to announce if it’s being considered in early stages.

Very surprising they haven’t considered renewing it for a new series. Perhaps they’re waiting to see the ratings for the remainder of the series?

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Not to mention its yet another Australian drama set in a hospital setting/midwife ward (see Offspring, Love Child, Doctor Doctor, wasn’t House Husbands partly based in a hospital as well?). Is this the only setting this group of writers know how to write for? And the strange part is none of these shows really set the world on fire ratings wise, yet they’re taking it for another spin.

Even the tagline for Love Child on Stan is “An Unconventional Midwife Makes Waves” which could just as easily be swapped for here. Good luck to them.


Risk adverse networks commissioning less and less dramas. Keep going to the same (Offspring) well. Network TV in a death spiral.

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Always enjoy a show title that’s a pun on the lead character’s name. Definitely not an overused trend by any stretch of the imagination.


I said it was better but I probably should have added that it’s still not the best. I actually cringed when I saw the title. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m not really a fan of any show that has the lead character’s name in the title. I always prefer shows with ensemble main casts.

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Seinfeld is both.

In terms of titles for TV shows, I prefer something like Friends over Seinfeld.

I guess the argument about Seinfeld is whether it’s a show about Jerry Seinfeld and his three friends or a show about all four characters.

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