AM and FM DX

Do you get 2Oceans FM on 97.1? ‘Radio Windy’ would be a good name for a station down there.

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Did a bit of DXing at Woolgoolga Headland this morning with good results from the north.

Had weak reception of all Gold Coast ABCs, this is the furthest south I’ve received these. No commercials though.

Brisbane FMs were better. All Mt Coot-tha stations could be received. ABCs were the clearest.

Also heard
2TEN Tenterfield 89.7 weak
River94.9 Ipswich weak
Southern Downs ABCs 101.7, 103.3, 104.9, 106.5 weak
Paradise FM 101.9 Ballina weak
2LM 104.3 Kyogle weak

Tonight at Tweed Heads, north facing hotel room. Have heard
Sunshine Coast ABCs 88.7, 89.5, 90.3 in good stereo - though 89.5 had some splatter from 4CRB.
Of the Sunny Coast commercials, could only detect 91.9 Sea (weak), others had too much splatter from Sea/MMM.
Had Gympie ABC 93.7 Classic in staticty stereo

Reception of River, Rebel 99.4 and Breeze 100.6 is excellent here.

EDIT: Now receiving 100.1 ABC Wide Bay, same content as 91.7… So definitely some enhancement about.


Some good tropo tonight on such a cold Autumn night, currently just over 7’c in NW Sydney.

Koori fm being off air is certainly helping reception of Eagle fm, received in noisy stereo.

The duct is also favouring Wollongong and the Southern Highlands, Power fm over Rhema CC, and Music fm over 2BLT, in noisy stereo. No hint of 2ST, as Triple M Newcastle is also being received in noisy stereo.

New fm and 2NUR just above the noise floor.
Quite good for almost winter conditions, I would expect Goulburn to strengthen into the early morning, and possibly some Canberra fm too.


Or Radio Skippy, or Lighthouse Radio or Aurora Radio. 2oceans is just as fitting I guess.

No dice on 97.1 yesterday. I see 2oceans runs more power than the ABCs and Triple M, but from a lesser location, deffinatley impacting how their signal gets out.


Tropo still hanging around this morning, Newcastle commercials / 2NUR still receivable, Triple M Newcastle the strongest, still in stereo.
Rhema Newcastle Cochanneling with 2SSR.
Goulburn and Canberra all gone now.

Power fm still over Rhema CC, and Music fm over 2BLT., both received in noisy stereo.
91.7 2ST can be heard just above the noise floor.
Good pre winter opening.


Cabramurra a tropical 3C overnight and -5 in Bungendore, so a very strong subsidence inversion. RH at the Snowy Mountains stations was also extremely low this morning.

Mount Boyce isn’t quite high enough to be at the top of this subsidence inversion.

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Tropo still about in SE QLD this morning too.

Had Coffs Harbour, Southern Downs and Sunshine Coast ABCs in the car around Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast.

If the tropo keeps going, Koori, 2MBS, 2MFM & 2OOO at Artarmon will all be off tonight from about midnight until 3:30am to allow for DX’ing opportunities, Hope will still be on air using the main FM antenna & SCA & ARN will be from Gore Hill.


For dxing opportunities, and the less important transmission work.


Yeah, definitely some tropo around. Recorded a first ever log of 88.9 2RBR ‘Richmond Valley Radio’ Coraki NSW here in Brisbane. Was faint, but heard an ad after a song for a business in Lismore.

Also had Zinc 96 bothering JJJ Mt Nardi, as well as the Gympie nationals doing the same.


From the north Wide Bat plus some CQ stations incl Gladstone. From the south Grafton area, ABC FM 98.7 Middle Brother the furthest south and Mackay MMM on the same frequency from the north but low level ATM.

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I’m up at Mooloolaba tonight, in a 6th floor north facing apartment overlooking the ocean, and I noted the following

Bundaberg - 93.1 MMM and 93.9 Hitz both in hissy stereo. 95.5 4TAB HPON in reasonable mono, 94.7 was weak, 97.1 KIX HPON barely audible. No RDS anywhere.

Wide Bay - All ABCs including 97.7 News received. Classic and JJJ in fair stereo. Breeze and Rebel in weak mono.

Fraser Coast - 101.9 Hit and 103.5 MMM in reasonable stereo with RDS but faded down to staticty mono at times. 105.1 Rhema in fair stereo but didn’t appear to have RDS. 92.3 KIX in scratchy stereo. 107.5 very weak.

South Burnett - Hit89.1 weak, could barely detect Crow on 90.7

Couldn’t really get Darling Downs, briefly heard RN on 105.7

Given the conditions from earlier today, I was hopeful of Mt Hopeful (Rockhampton) - pardon the pun, but didn’t get anything. Will try again tomorrow.


On the Gold Coast now, and staying on the upper levels at the newish Meriton Surfers Paradise, west facing, which opens up some DX opportunities. Some catches tonight that I’ve not had when staying in other Surfers Paradise locations before

  • Coffs ABCs received in weak to clear mono, except 99.5 which is blocked by Rebel 99.5

  • Southern Downs (Passchendaele) ABCs received in staticty stereo on 101.7 and 103.3, clear mono on 104.9 and 106.5. Normally the latter two are the Sunshine Coast community stations, so I must be high enough to get them over the Gold Coast hinterland.

  • 4RIM Boonah 100.1 received weakly. Again the elevation must be helping as I’ve not received this on the Gold Coast before.

  • 101.9 Paradise FM Ballina received in mono. Another one I haven’t heard here before.

  • Though Brisbane FMs are not as strong as I’ve received elsewhere here, just good rather than very good or excellent… I have a good LOS, so this has me scratching my head a bit. Am getting River94.9, Rebel 99.4 and Breeze 100.6 at similar levels.

  • Sunshine Coast 88.7 and 90.3 are the only Sunny stations detected… 89.5 seems to be buried under 4CRB splatter… Others are harder to gauge, but Sea, 91.7 ABC and MMM seem to be causing enough splatter to stop them, as I’ve had these Sunny Coast stations at other Gold Coast locations before.

  • Lismore ABCs very good. 100.9 ZZZ okay, just good enough to get RDS.


Have you tried DXing from the Q1 tower? I’m not sure how far up the observation deck is.

On that note, has anyone tried DXing from Centrepoint tower or Eureka tower?

No, but to be honest, where I am is only a few floors below that.

Yes, both of them. From memory, the results weren’t that great probably due to the type of windows that are used in those buildings.

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I have done some work on the top of Q1 in a past life - the observation deck is just below the roof level. The only RF gear up there last time I was there was the police 400Mhz repeater. That may have changed since with the Qld GRN rollout though.

Interestingly there was never a proper comms room built up there like there is on other very tall buildings. Police gear was in a cramped plant enclosure.


The good news is the Meriton place where I’m staying doesn’t spew out much RF noise.

I’m finding in general, hotels/motels are getting better at this than they used to be.


We have a new station to DX tonight- warning, it’s a real mud duck! 1494 SEN Spirit Margaret River. On from air this morning.

As a guide, I’m in Bunbury, and I can just hear 1494 in an open space. 756 Triple M is waaay stronger. Even 1611 Vision Margaret River comes in stronger than 1494. I’d say, at night, 1494 would just make it into Perth.

Program is a precise sync with 621. No separate ID for 1494.


Appropriate given that we’re entering the soggy season for the South Wet Land Division.

Next to no chance of getting it over east, particularly with 2AY in the way and on roughly the same bearing from here. 756 hasn’t been logged in Cooma with a long wire yet; it too has to overcome a station from Legends, Wine and High Country in the form of 3RN Wangaratta.

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