AM and FM DX

Just looked at the DX forecast for tomorrow’s Public Holiday, should still be some enhancement about then too for the NSW East Coast, nothing spectacular though.

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Starting to get good now with Port Macquarie and Taree being received.

88.9 2RE weak but strong enough to get over 2RSR. This is a first time catch for me at my location.

Weak 92.7 Sky Sports Coffs (2KY)

102.3 is alternating between Hit MNC and Triple J CWS.

Newcastle Commercial fm’s / commercial’s starting to make an appearance.

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It’s actually from Port Macquarie.

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Strangely enough, 2RE was a first time catch at my location as well.
Also got Port Macquarie on 100.7 and 102.3 and Kempsey on 105.1 and 106.7 which I had not received since 2019 (Kempsey that is)


Wow, I’m surprised Kempsey can make it down to Bowral.
Good catch.


Got it once before when I lived in Moss Vale, of course compared them to 107.7 which was being received over GNFM and 104.7.
Brown Mountain made an appearance as well tonight.


Massive signals from the north tonight. Wide Bay at near local levels. Rockhampton, Gladstone - commercial and ABC., Miriam Vale 50w stations, Yeppon.

Edit: Now extending to Mackay.

All nearby areas seen to have some enhancement - out ot Dalby and to the south as well - 2LM on 104.3, Grafton etc

Gold Coast DAB stronger than unusual - should be receivable by many radios in Brisbane tonight.


Sydney very strong this morning, commercial FMs in at over 50db on the Tecsun. Wollongong strong too, ABCs are around 40db


You know it’s a southern heatwave when this type of stuff is being received. I have received Taree full tilt at Mallacoota before, so Kempsey into Bowral isn’t that much of a stretch. Just need intense coastal ducting.

Which doesn’t happen that often.

I think Kempsey to Bowral is more impressive as its over land and has to get pass the ridgeline at Colo Vale and The Gib.

Taree to Mallacoota is nearly all over water, its still a good get though.


And yes it did involve nulling out Batemans Bay and Ulladulla. Did not make any recordings of it but 106.7 was identified with a “Triple M Homegrown” identification referring to a show that covers Australian Artists as well as comparisons to Triple M Gosford when Goulburn was nulled out.
105.1 was easier to confirm by playlist just by a comparison to 104.7 Canberra.
And in the past when I lived in Moss Vale I did get the Coffs Harbour ABCs which may had also been a land path which was a bit further in distance. Similar to Latrobe Valley back in March 2021 which was a land path to the South West.


Not in the last few summers that’s for sure, but once we revert to normal hot/dry summers this sort of ducting is relatively common. During the last drought I had NZ tropo at least five or so times a year; long haul North Coast tropo is more common again. I regard the Southern Highlands as being (just) in the coastal tropo zone whereas Goulburn and Bungendore are definitely out of it. Dry westerly anti-tropo weather is much more common here compared to the Southern Highlands; marginal seabreezes reach Bowral but never here.

Yes Bowral is in a bit of a DX hole due to The Gib. Kempsey and much further have been logged from Cooma via tropo though. Not denying it’s a good catch, it’s just that it’s not unprecedented is all :slight_smile: You would benefit from putting up a 3 element Yagi.


Lots of enhancement again today in SEQ. Mt Dowe was very strong early. Now signals down the coast to Middle Brother, though very weak at the moment.


Larrkardi Radio 97.9 FM Derby (6DBY) owning the waterfall yeaterday afternoon. Slightly enhanced signals from 97.7 ABC Classic Perth and 98.1 Triple J Central Agricultural by the side.


Now that’s a deadly catch!

Es has been having a little bit of a dead cat bounce lately, which seems to be common in poorer seasons such as the current one. Kind of like a half hearted attempt at rebuilding, but in late January the clock is always ticking. But it’s all single hop as far as I can tell.


Yeah has been slim pickings over here in Perth (I wish I was living further south like Informer for better chance of cross-Bight signals!) - the best I’ve had has been during the recent 38 ish days with some good tropo from Geraldton in mornings.

One morning last week while listening to 90.1 Newsradio Bunbury (comes in well in the southern suburbs especially near the coast) I had a few-seconds event of an R&B sounding song over the top of NR - could have been E’s but sounded like possible meteor or aircraft scatter? I couldn’t find any real huge contenders for signal competition other than the remote mining site repeaters so it’s a bit of a mystery - any ideas?


Most likely a car mp3 transmitter, sorry. Still plenty around.


I haven’t heard Adeliade (or Esperance) tropo for a couple of years now. Not to say it hasn’t happened, I may have missed it.

Remember, Bunbury use to have one of the most congested FM bands in Australia with SSW3 and ABSW5 analogue TV. Adelaide and most of the SA Es would have been blocked. In fact I’d say 90% of the DX I hear wouldn’t have been possible 10 years ago.

Same too with Kimberly Es on Wednesday. While Larrkardi Radio boomed in, the lower power commercials and the set of stations from Telfer I heard up the top of the band would have gone unnoticed. I like it better now!


Some action about tonight!
So far have heard

Vintage 88.7 Campbelltown in a null of Radio Northern Beaches.

Music FM 92.5 Moss Vale in a null of ABC Local Radio Gosford

Connect FM 100.9 Bankstown dominating Port Stephens FM.

Eden Power 103.9, 2SEA 104.7 and 2EC 105.5 all received. SKY blocked by Highland FM Bowral. No ABCs though.

Batemans Bay ABCs at fair levels. No Power or 2EC as yet.

2ST 102.9 in a tight null of local Triple M Newcastle.

Eagle FM is weak though, no RN 97.9 yet, but as Sydney and Wollongong are both very strong SBS and i98 are splattering on 97.9.

We happened to be out on the Sydney coast this evening & I noted 92.3 2UUU coming in quite well. Previously never heard it in Sydney other than around Nowra district itself as a 10 Watt station.
I understand that the station became licenced to commence with 200 Watts some few years ago. I suspect that they’re highly likely to now be using 200W erp rather than 10W.

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