AM and FM DX


If it’s not actually interfering with anyone else, no action, they don’t have the field staff to chase up minor issues like this.
Part of the reasoning for 800kHz spacing.

FM side bands are infinite in bandwidth, it’s the level of them that matters & thus why the 75kHz legal deviation limit.

Things happen, the bandwidth expands at a high level past the 200kHz channel bandwidth.
Not hard to exceed the channel bandwidth, especially when using RDS. Study Carsons Bandwidth Rule.


Indeed to all the above.
2WFM 106.5MHz (KIIS Sydney) exceeds 400kHz bandwidth on spectrum display.

I wonder if 2XL 98.7MHz might have removed one of their cascaded cavity filters in the past year as well for more freedom of frequency deviation (Fidelity) ref higher modulation etc.
Or if one filter went faulty & not replaced?
Just speculating…
Perhaps dxer2 you could always enquire with their technician re recent observations.


I went up to Braye Park Reserve in Newcastle today.

Rare catch in Real FM Mudgee. I thought for a fleeting second that Breeze from Bulahdelah had started up, but nope.

Faint ABCs from Orange, Tamworth, Upper Namoi and Coffs Harbour received as well.

Also had a bit of 102.3 Triple J from Dubbo in the car near home.


Mt Dowe pretty strong into NW Sydney this morning. Had a very listenable GGG around Windsor. JJJ also breaking through around the Windsor bridge. No Nowfm unfortunately.


Mt Dowe & Gunnedah also strong into Numy. Coonie overriding Canberra FMs & also 100.9 Bathurst over local RN Brown Mt.

Heard 91.3 2MAX at weal levels & Real FM Mudgee.


Today ar 11am i can get bathurst 2bs 95.1fm radio.
from Mt Ainsle Canberra


Big tropo to Orange / Bathurst / Coonie this morning. Newsradio 106.3 Coonie over Mix 106.3 & TAB 100.9 over local RN


That’s a great effort to get those!


I went up to Kosciuszko Lookout with dxnerd this morning. This lookout is ~2160 m ASL. This was somewhat of a last minute decision so we didn’t go the whole way to Mount Kosciuszko; this may be done on a later excursion.

We took both my XHDATA D-808 and dxnerd’s Tecsun PL-390. Both receivers are equipped with longer than average whip antennas. Although Kosciuszko Lookout is hemmed in by the peaks of the Main Range (2200 m ASL), some notable DX was achieved. Both WS FM and 2MBS (Sydney) were received quite well via aircraft scatter. To the south, both Orbost and Cann River were booming in, the Orbost outlets on 95.5 and 98.7 were dominant over Jindabyne and Perisher respectively. As expected, the Albury and Riverina high powered outlets were very strong with RDS easily received from Albury.

At the Crackenback chairlift station, no DX was possible due to intense overload from the local Thredbo txs, which transmit from the Eagles’ Nest Restaurant.

On the way back, we stopped by Dead Horse Gap, ~3 km west of Thredbo and ~1580 m ASL. This is the highest point of the Alpine Way between Jindabyne and Khancoban. Reception there is mostly in a narrow corridor, favouring Mount Hotham, Falls Creek, and Omeo. We noted 89.3 3NE/t booming in with RDS and we were also able to decode RDS from both 2BDR/t 94.1 Falls Creek and 2BDR/t 90.1 Omeo. Brief As was noted from Melbourne (105.9/107.5).


First time catch and inland path distance tropo record for myself - Kalgoorlie FM made it to Bunbury on the west coast. 600km, 6kw stations recieved -
97.1 radio national
97.9 Hit
98.7 Triple J
100.3 News radio
All synced with local tx.

Stereo stations noisey but listenable, RN and news radio almost full quieting.

Many other unidentified new loggings this day but unable to listen for long before heading to work - 5am local, Thursday 28 Feb.


I was looking at the recent Hepburn Maps for WA & noted the rare (from my recollections of the Heburn predictions) significant inland tropo predictions for WA.
Even the Broome area has penetrated significantly inland around the same time, normally it’s along the coastal edge.


Yeah, didn’t check the Hepburn maps until after this event - didn’t look like there would be a path open. Pays to tune through the band anyway.

Costal ducting is more accurate on the Hepburn maps but then, this is almost a daily occourance along the west coast, to some extent.


Down in Sydney at the moment, on the car radio 102.3 was switching between Classic FM Canberra and HIT Port Macquarie on Pennant Hills Road at Thornleigh.


Seems to still be a bit of tropo about in Sydney tonight.

I am getting Triple J Taree over Coast FM Gosford, along with the other ABCs except 94.7 News Radio.

No Hit 102.3 though.


I went up to Moonrise Lookout in Western Sydney Parklands this morning.

From Orange, got ABCs on 101.9, 102.7 and 104.3 plus the commercials on 105.1 and 105.9 (no RDS on the car radio though). Plus 2OCB on 107.5, but not Rhema 103.5.

Also got Central West Slopes ABCs 102.3 and 106.3 (I don’t think 105.5 was there though). Which meant receiving three in a row Triple J from 101.9 to 102.3.

SWR FM was the strongest signs of any station there, which was no surprise being only a few hundred metres from the TX, got a peak of 61db on the Teccy To my surprise, there was no else around (so I went for a bit of a wander with the radio), but then there were too many trees to really see out much, so as a lookout, it was a bit of a disappointment.


Any 2BS or BRock? Or Midwest’s Blue Mountains translators?


I didn’t check for 2BS :man_facepalming:
I should have though!

And yes, 99.5 and 101.1 from Katoomba were there.


I think B-Rock would only be receivable from Moonrise Lookout during strong tropospheric conditions. Coincidentally, I actually went to Moonrise Lookout just over a couple of weeks ago, but I was only able to receive Northside Radio from Chatswood on 99.3.


I wouldn’t bother with moonrise there’s too many strong signals there particularly with Artarmon in direct shot. A good tuner will get 2BS though. Brock would also be there if 2NSB was off. Midwest repeaters are no problem there.

Speaking of 2LT 101.1, I was able to get a clean signal of Hot Country Nowra over it this morning from Lawson less than 5km from the Wentworth Falls tx.


That’s a bit of a joke considering it is in the 2LT coverage area.

Are these Blue Mountains translators making enough money to pay the power bill for the transmitter? Considering the so few listeners thanks to such low ERP’s and terrible broadcast audio.

ACMA should have licenced them at 1kW omnidirectional considering the terrain.