AM and FM DX


Bass Point is not as good for FMDX as Mount Pleasant between Kiama and Gerringong. It is however a nice spot to visit.


Whilst Bass Point doesn’t have the elevation of Mount Pleasant, it’s also not shielded from western signals either, hence reception from Orange is possible at Bass Point.


I try to escape ‘Agent Orange’ wherever I can :smiley: . If you want western signals, the Southern Highlands is much better. At Tallong’s Badgery’s Lookout I’ve even had The Edge Deniliquin.


That’s a great catch… I couldn’t get 102.5 from Deni even on the SW Slopes (before 2TEM started).


Thanks. :slight_smile:

Bass Point is a pretty good DX spot, although I don’t actually go all the way down to the tip of the headland. The headland itself is a protected forest/marine reserve and the tree cover would likely interfere with the signals that could be received, so instead, I choose to park near a beach along Bass Point Tourist Road which is just west of the headland.

I would definitely suggest checking out Bass Point if you’re ever in the area, not just because of the DX’ing opportunities, but it’s also a really scenic area as well. :slight_smile:


The list still has 94.1 on the Gold Coast as a temporary station despite their new transmitter being installed. And as per recent editions the community station at Cherbourg 4UMR also on 94.1 has gone missing. Currently have in on the radio now so definitely on air.

Also still missing is Hills FM in the Adelaide Foothills on 88.9.

2BS not listed on AM or FM


Those documents have never been terribly accurate.


Seams 7RGY (Huon & Kingston FM) 95.3 & 98.5 has been missing since c2016/2017
Is streaming live. Not sure if still on FM broadcast band or an ACMA omission or if broadcasting illegally?

6NEW 92.9 missing from ACMA records.
Looks to still be on air from:


Mt Nardi and Bonalbo services will be off air tonight from 12:06am until 4 or 5am.
If there are other services on those allocations, this is a good time to check.


Yes. 97.1 7MID in Oatlands as well.

They are still officially licensed, just not on the ACMA public database for some reason.
Both are still broadcasting.

I remember mentioning it to Huon FM in late 2016, and they said they were still licensed.


As I mentioned in a previous post, 2XL exhibits strange RDS behaviour (like Snow FM does from time to time). Here is the video: (note the strong harmonics being emitted from 98.7 Perisher onto 98.5, 98.9 & 99.1 at 70km distance!


what are the Capital Radio engineers doing???

They sure have made a mess of the spectrum in Goulburn, around Mt Roberts, and now in Perisher!!!

That spur must be pretty strong to be received at your location. Just imagine what it would be like in Perisher.

I am assuming you have your antenna rotated to the south as 2XL seems much stronger in this video then others you have put up on YouTube?


aimed west right towards the Snowies


Those aren’t harmonics nor spurious.

98.7 Perisher is overdeviating thus the channel bandwidth is spilling over into the adjacent freqencies 98.5 & 98.9 at a stronger level than it should. The normal channel bandwidth would be 98.6 - 98.8 anyway, so it’s not that bad (I’ve seen much worse).

The audio probably sounds quite loud in Perisher, & they would’ve done this, to create the image of it being a much more powerful signal than it actually is. They might even be getting around another 10km coverage out of the signal on all outer edges, being like this?

The 99.1 at 70km through the mountain region, is quite possibly just a multipath time delayed/frequency adjusted reflection of the main 98.7 signal, & obvoiusly would be strong but deformed & not clear audio & not quite able to decode the RDS?


Indeed, much closer to home in the Hunter…

What is the height of the Perisher TX site? Perhaps great line of sight?


According to Google Earth, the TX is located approx 1978m above sea level, which is also the highest FM TX site in Australia.


Bandwidth is easily inspected via spectrum display with an SDR (compared to standalone tuners/receivers).
Also with SDR software one could possibly see why where might be RDS problems etc.

The 99.1 at 70km through the mountain region, is quite possibly just a multipath time delayed/frequency adjusted reflection of the main 98.7 signal, & obvoiusly would be strong but deformed & not clear audio & not quite able to decode the RDS?

Yes, but would the deviation of carrier frequency from reflections from 98.7 to be 99.1 (~400kHz) be that much? I can only recall seeing (much) smaller carrier/centre frequency variations from aircraft reflections? But I guess multiple mountain range reflections along the path could yield different results…??


I have to disagree with you RF burns. No normal FM operation spills that bad into adj frequencies (and I use above average tuners for DXing) especially at such distances. 2XL 98.7 never used to have this problem in its past. But this problem has existed for at least a year.


If a complaint was made to ACMA, what action (if any) would they take?


You can disagree if you want, but trust me I’ve seen it.

Two stations co-combined with one of mine on the NSW Central Coast, over deviate to 100kHz plus day in day out, & splatter onto adj frequencies, I’ve been watching the mod monitor at my station, while monitoring theirs & seen them peak at around 120kHz semi regularly.

NEW FM Newcastle on 105.3 has been splatering the adjacent frequencies for years, often quite bad & will splatter to 105.0 & 105.6 or more.

Exactly as Cranky aluded to in his reply just after my post.