AM and FM DX


I can recommend the Ned Neale Lookout at Sandy Point- it’s great for Tassie but I also had Brown Mountain (Bega) strong from there.

I can also recommend Mount Nicoll between Foster and Fish Creek. I didn’t have time to do the walk up to the summit but the results from there would be spectacular. Devonport is like a local signal even at its base. Next time.

Most of the Melbourne stations are at least weakly received around Stratford. Smooth and Nova have a lot more oomph and I’ve received them as far east as Marlo before. By Stratford, Smooth/Nova (and JJJ, Classic, SBS) are listenable for the non DXer.


Bit of tropospheric FM DX around atm.
Canberra (eg 106.3 & 98.3)
Dubbo: 2ZOO 92.7 & a little of 2DBO fighting it out with Eagle FM.
Central Western Slopes: 102.3 2JJJ, 106.3 2PNN
Also had 103.5 Orange with RDS.
Bathurst: 92.3, 96.7, 97.5
Cootamundra: 2JJJ 90.7, 2PNN 91.5
Young 93.9 Roccy FM


with 2BS gone, I can receive both R.Sport NZ & 3KND clearly


Daytime MW DX from Wedderburn Victoria:

531 3GG
549 ABC (don’t know where)
558 7BU
567 ABC (don’t know which one)
576 ABC RN Sydney
594 ABC Horsham
621 ABC RN Melbourne
639 ABC North and West SA
657 ABC Western Plains Dubbo
666 ABC Radio Canberra
675 ABC Riverina (Awesome Quality)
693 3AW Melbourne
756 ABC RN Wangaratta (Awesome Quality)
774 ABC Melbourne
801 5RM Riverland and Mallee (Excellent Quality)
855 3CR Melbourne
891 ABC Adelaide (Excellent Quality)
927 RSN Melbourne
945 RSN Bendigo
963 Triple M Griffith (Excellent Quality)
981 3HA Hamilton (Excellent Quality)

I’ll post recordings of Triple M, 3HA, 5RM later.


ABC Central West

Could be either ABC North West Queensland or ABC North West WA. Did you confirm this was an ABC station? If not I’d suggest it’s maybe 2BH Broken Hill


Cheers, they are both ABC as they all matched each other with Grandstand.


I decided to do an AM and FM DX from home earlier this afternoon, just for the sake of it. Here is what I managed to receive on my car radio:

FM Bandscan
Sunday, 17th February 2019 - 13:32pm AEDT

87.6 - Oldies FM
87.8 - Faith FM
88.0 - *Unknown (still haven’t been able to work out where this signal is coming from)
90.9 - ABCNewsRadio (Wollongong)
91.3 - C91.3 (Macarthur)
91.7 - 2ST (Shoalhaven Heads)
92.1 - 2MFM (Chester Hill)
92.5 - Youth FM (Bowral)
92.7 - Bay & Basin FM (Sussex Inlet)
92.9 - ABC Classic FM (Sydney)
93.7 - Koori Radio (Redfern)
94.1 - Pulse FM (Wollongong)
94.5 - FBi Radio (Sydney)
94.9 - Power FM (Nowra)
95.3 - Smooth FM (Sydney)
95.7 - ABC Classic FM (Wollongong)
96.1 - The Edge (I can receive The Edge better than the Sydney commercial stations)
96.5 - Wave FM (Wollongong)
96.9 - Nova FM (Sydney)
97.3 - ABC Illawarra (Wollongong)
97.7 - SBS Radio (Sydney)
98.1 - i98fm (Wollongong)
98.5 - 2OOO FM (Burwood)
98.9 - Triple J (Wollongong)
99.3 - (The signal was really faint; it was either B-Rock Bathurst or 2NSB Chatswood).
100.3 - 2MCR (Campbelltown)
101.1 - Hot Country (Nowra)
101.7 - WSFM (Sydney)
102.5 - FineMusic (Sydney)
102.9 - 2ST (the signal was stronger on the 91.7 MHz frequency)
103.2 - Hope FM (Sydney)
103.7 - 2KY (Wollongong)
104.1 - 2DayFM (Sydney)
104.5 - 2UUU (Nowra)
104.9 - Triple M (Sydney)
105.3 - Hot Country (Wollongong)
105.7 - Triple J (Sydney)
106.5 - KIIS FM (Sydney)
106.9 - VOX FM (Wollongong)
107.1 - Highland FM (Bowral)
107.3 - 2SER (Sydney)
107.7 - 2GO (Very faint signal, though I have been able to receive it reasonably well before)
107.9 - Move FM (Lithgow)

AM Bandscan
13:59pm AEDT

549 - ABC Central West (Orange)
576 - Radio National (Sydney)
603 - Radio National (Wollongong)
630 - ABC NewsRadio (Sydney)
666 - ABC Radio (Canberra)
702 - ABC Sydney
801 - Niche Radio Network (Gosford)
846 - Radio National (Canberra)
873 - 2GB (Sydney)
954 - 2UE (Sydney)
999 - 2ST [Reception poor]
1017 - Sky Sports Radio (Sydney)
1026 - [Not sure about this. I think it may have been splatter from another signal]
1044 - [Again, not too sure]
1107 - SBS Radio (Sydney)
1143 - 2HD (Newcastle)
1170 - Magic 2CH (Sydney)
1224 - RPH Print Radio (Sydney)
1269 - 2SM (Sydney)
1314 - 2KY (Wollongong)
1431 - Radio National (Wollongong)
1485 - 2EA / SBS (Wollongong)
1539 - Niche Radio Network (Sydney)
1575 - Rete Italia (Wollongong)


Your splatter on 1026 and 1044 is from your SBS Wollongong station on 1035.

That’s interesting that you’ve listed 2GO, but not SEA FM, also from Gosford, as my experience is that 101.3 has a better signal to the south than 107.7 (and I find the opposite up here in Newcastle).


I thought they might have been SBS Radio from Wollongong, but I wasn’t entirely sure as I wasn’t able to receive the station on 1035.

I’ve always found it difficult to receive SEA FM, even during favourable conditions. Sometimes I can receive the signal when I am driving down neighbouring streets, but the signal suffers from a lot of static and it isn’t reliable enough to listen to. 2GO, on the other hand, can actually be reasonably strong at times and I can receive the station all-year round.


That’s actually from Nowra, in which it’s transmitting out of Cambewarra Mountain with 101.1 Kix Country (formerly Hot Country) & 104.5 2UUU.

Apparently, Sea FM broadcasts from a different transmitter to that of 2GO.


Just some name corrections.

*2UE is currently under the “Macquarie Sports Radio” brand, prior to that it was “Talking Lifestyle” between September 2016 & April 2018.
*2KY has been “Sky Sports Radio” for about a decade now.
*2CH hasn’t had any “Magic” in the branding for almost two years, currently the station goes under the “Classic Hits 2CH” brand after recently being “Easy Classics 2CH” between March 2017 and the relaunch on Monday.
*“RPH Print Radio” is actually branded on-air as 2RPH.

Aside from that, good work with those bandscans! :slight_smile:


Aren’t all three commercials on different towers owning to the circumstances of each of their launches?


That is correct they are on three seperate towers at Mt Penang.

In order south to north-

  1. 2GO most southern tower on the motorway
  2. Sea Fm / Comnunuty Radio, News Radio / 702 Central Coast translator (middle tower)
  3. Star 104.5 which is on the most northern tower.

In order of strength at my location,Sea Fm and Star 104.5 are at equal strength. 2GO is weaker then the two.

92.5 is mush of the two signals of 702 and the southern highlands community radio.
98.1 is i98.


For me, it’s…

2G0 - peak 60db
Star 104.5 - 58db
Sea FM - 55db

Coast FM - 49db

Rhema, Today’s Country and 50 Plus are all 46-47db

The ABCs are about 39db.


Could the reason be for Sea fm lower signal strength is that it is on a lower tower? ACMA has it’s maximum antenna height at 69m, whereas the others are at 80m according to the LAP?

I also know that the Sea Fm tower has the highest elevation on the ridge, so would that equal the 11m difference, and have all the commercial fm’s broadcast antennas theoretically at the same height?


Some very strong Wollongong signals tonight.

The ABCs plus Wave and i98 are all over 50db. Power is 37db and Pulse is 33db, breaking through Central Coast community stations in their weaker signal spots.

But I could not get 2VOX in my Hit 106.9 null. You could tell there was something under it, but not enough to break through. I suspect changes have been made to the Hit106.9 or perhaps 2VOX in the last month or so, as i would have expected to get it. I hope it comes back!

2ST was still there in my Triple M Newcastle null though (peak 32db).

South Coast ABCs also received at 15db, Canberra is weaker at about 7db, clear mono, but not stereo.


Interesting, well thought out, is that correct @RFBurns?


Ant’s theory is well thought out.

I don’t have the time now, but if someone checks Google Earth & can confirm the ground heights suggested are correct, then yes all antennas would be roughly the same height, but that’s where the theory ends. (I think that Star 104.5 may be on slightly higher ground that SEA though?).

It’s most likely to be the way the signal is thrown out from the tower with the different antenna arrays.

2GO has a 3 bay full wavelength spaced antenna, SEA has a 6 bay half wavelength spaced antenna & Star has a 4 bay full wavelength spaced antenna.

All have different radiation pattern specifications, so will throw the signal differently, some will land it closer in to the tower, some will throw it further out away from the tower, also a minor thing for the difference in radiation pattern will be, that the SEA antenna is mixed polarization but in a Vertical/Horizontal configuration like a +, but both the 2GO & Star antennas are mixed polarization but in a 45 degree either side of perpendicular configuration like a x.

Receive signal strength (at a distance), will reflect this, depending upon how you have your receive antenna set, which could be 3dB or more difference?


Sydney is belting in tonight - commercials around 54db.

So strong that WSFM is splattering onto 101.9 making it difficult to listen for ABC Classic FM South Coast.

Got 2SSR Sutherland in my Rhema null. 2BAC also faintly received which is hard to get here.

2ST on 102.9 again tonight also.

Wollongong not as strong - still very good though at around 40db.


…and visa versa - at least as far as the ABC and to a lesser extent, SCA stations are concerned.