AM and FM DX


Yep, that makes sense.


Quick Daytime AM DX from Melbourne:

531 3GG
558 7BU
594 3WV ABC Western Victoria
756 3RN ABC Radio National Wangaratta
828 3GI ABC Radio Gippsland
1071 3EL Gold Central Victoria
1134 3CS Colac
1314 3BT RSN Ballarat
1449 2MG Mudgee (quite strong)
1467 The River Mildura

Edit: 551khz Which I think may be ABC Radio but I am not sure where it is being broadcast from.


If you try 549, it will be a bit clearer, and from Orange.


Receiving 1404 2PK tonight in Melbourne clearly.


I was in the car this morning on the Swansea Bends south of Newcastle and i received the Orange ABCs, including 91.9 News Radio, which I’ve never heard up here before.


A couple of Middle Brother frequencies at low levels in Brisbane - 94.7 and 98.7


Ah I remember the days of Cromarty Hill (Bateau Bay/Tuggerah Lakes TV site), which used to re-broadcast the analog Sydney TV, and on ch9, there was permanent ghosting from the VHF receiver @ the site (feeding directly to the UHF TX, and when old mate was up there mowing and whipper snipping, it would introduce noise on the VHF off air receiver - used to obtain the television signals for re broadcast on the UHF channel. Which central coast TV sites can you receive ?



I never knew about Cromarty Hill being a relay site, I always thought Wyrrabolong Trig was the only analogue or digital TV site that ever existed on the northern end of the Central Coast.

As for my reception, I’m pretty sure it’s Wyrrabolong , though hard to tell as it’s an SFN, that Bouddi is roughly in the same direction from me and is on the same polarity. But I get WIN at the same signal strength as the others and that isn’t on air at Bouddi or Gosford.

Edit: Looks like Cromarty Hill and Wyrrabalong Trig is the same site.


To day here in Logan I picked up 107.5 they were playing We Didn’t Start The Fire but it was heard for about a minute then it just vanished never to be heard again. So I have on idea where it came from.


Most likely an MP3 transmitter. Funny frequency to choose in Brisbane being so close to 4JJJ on 107.7- but most people don’t care about that.

There were no reports of E-skip today so I think we can rule that out, especially given the high frequency.


Have Hawkesbury Gold changed their TX specs?

As I am now getting it in stereo with RDS, which I’ve never had before, even when tropo is present, which it isn’t today as it’s much cooler than usual today.

It’s not quite as strong as Hawkesbury Radio 2VTR would be though.


What is it and why?

Look for posts by @4TAB-1008kHz, the site move to PP was posted here.

Great memories, lack of attention to detail on the engineering?


Rockhampton ABC and commercial at low levels tonight.


Currently in a very cool and blustery Wilson’s Prom (Sandy Point). Tropo conditions are winter-like due to the cool westerly winds. Apparently it snowed at Mount Baw Baw today.

Cranky Kong will be pleased to know that I paid attention to the coverage of the 3GV/Gold relay from Mount Taylor via Bairnsdale on 98.3 MHz. You can receive a patchy signal around Orbost (not in a motel though), with the first signs of life appearing just after Cann River. Its SW boundary is between Seaspray and Yarram. Not sure about towards the Latrobe Valley but my guess would be patchy around Traralgon and unusable after that.

90.3 Sale ID’s as “Faith FM”- not vision as I thought. 90.3 has poor coverage with reception in Stratford fairly average. The TAB outlet for Lakes Entrance on 89.9 also has very local coverage.

105.9 Classic and 107.5 JJJ performed just as well if not better than 93.1 SBS on this occasion. Both of these make it to Lakes Entrance and Lake Tyers. Smooth and Nova were the best of the commercials, fading in around Providence Ponds which is located between Stratford and Bairnsdale.


Interesting. I recall it was Vision FM feed at some point in time.
No longer listed on Vision FM website & not listed on Faith FM website (yet), but radio licence owned by Faith FM.
BTW. The transmitter is located in Longford rather than Sale, according to ACMA.


Thank you for the update.

At the performance of the 98.3 coverage area, Ace won’t be attaching TNT to the TX mast any time soon.

They boast of coverage far east beyond their licence area which you can only get on AM unless they apply for out of area translators. Unlikely.

In other DX news, Mt Nardi signals last night overpowered the north coast 94.5 sites in the mush zone.


I went out to Tidal River this afternoon, which is the most southerly point in mainland Australia that is accessible by road.

Tasmanian reception was available with a bit of elevation. King Island 88.5 and Lileah 89.7/91.3 were the clearest. Devonport, Burnie, Wynyard (7DBS), Savage River and 7XS Rosebery were also received. Also benefiting from a total water path were Apollo Bay, Warrnambool, and Mount Gambier.

Deniliquin and Shepparton were also received this morning from Sandy Point, and at Port Welshpool jetty, I had Brown Mountain (Bega/Cooma) fairly well.

Conditions continue to be below average for summer with westerly Bass Strait air dominating.


Cooler Bass Strait air at the surface but warmer air above allowed tropo to lift this morning about the SE VIC coast.

Sandy Point: Brown Mountain 99.3/100.1/100.9; Hobart 100.9/105.7/107.3; Devonport; Launceston 106.9 and others; 7XS Rosebery; King Island 98.1/100.5 and others; 96.9 Deloraine; Lileah; 7DBS Wynyard; Burnie 101.7; Savage River 104.1; Waratah 103.3/104.9.

Cape Paterson: 92.9 3HA Portland; 95.7 Nhill; Warrnambool; Tassie tropo restricted to NW coast and King Island but Burnie 90.5 strong.

Heading back to the hot state to the north tomorrow.


Some good catches across the Strait there!


Lovely of you to report in from glorious Gippsland! I know I’ve said it here before but it really is remarkable how much better 91.5/100.3 get out to the east than the other commercial FM stations. Out of curiosity, where were you able to first receive Fox/MMM et al?

And from your report it would appear that 98.3 is fairly similar to the coverage provided by the Bairnsdale TR relay on 99.9? If so, from memory it gets into Sale alright but gets pretty shabby much further west of there - I can’t imagine it would provide a usable signal into Traralgon or the rest of the Valley

And well done on those trans-strait catches - some of those are tricky even in good conditions once you’re a bit further round the bay