AM and FM DX


No - lots of non-stop talk :slight_smile:


Triple M Kempsey with Ray Hadley on?


Yes, another possibility as Coffs was much stronger than usual. Several signals were coming from inland NSW - so Glenn Innes is a good chance but as it is just 200w I thought it might have been 2VM at 1kw. If I get a chance later I will listen to the recording for any clues.


You were right - I listened back to the tape and with that clue was able to recognise Ray Hadley as the source of the babble.


Getting a bit of ducting again now that the westerlies are gone.

Power FM Nowra breaking through over Rhema Central Coast, though not well enough to get RDS (yet).

i98 with RDS and song info over News Radio Central Coast.

Am also getting most Sydney community stations in stereo, am listening to the “Awesome 80s” right now on SWR FM in stereo with RDS :+1:


It’s going the other way too, with some Newcastle FM reception coming into Sydney. Managed to hear the end of an ad (presumably) from WIN explaining that the new channels are “Boss” and "Peach from the station still known as KOFM.

Today will probably be the very last time we get reception of 102.9 before KOFM becomes Triple M so if you’re a Sydney-based enthusiast of both local radio branding & DXing, please make sure to tune in if you can! :slight_smile:


Now getting South Coast ABC stations from Batemans Bay. No sign of 2EC or Power from there though.

Also getting 101.1 Hot Country from Nowra in a null of 2LT Blue Mountains.


They seem to have a very poor signal to the north these days. They’ve always had a null to the north but it seems to be very pronounced a’la 94.9 Nowra. Last Thursday, 2EAR was strongly received around Wombarra, yet no sign of Power FM or 2EC. It’s actually easier to get 2EC on 105.5 from Eden.

Cool southerlies undercutting the (still) toasty airmass above. Coastal ducting should be possible on both Sunday and Monday, before the next bout of hot westerlies arrives on Tuesday.


I’m up in Central Victoria again this weekend and I am picking up Abc Grandstand on 630khz, 7SD Tasmania (I think) on 540khz, Sydney’s 2CH on 1170khz, ABC Radio National WA on 810khz and also whatever is broadcasting on 1530khz (which I now believe to be 2VM which is apart of the “Super Radio Network”)


Perhaps you meant ABC Newsradio from Sydney on 630kHz, which broadcasts ABC Grandstand for the A-League, whilst 7SD broadcasts on 540kHz. However, ABC Radio from Longreach does broadcast on 540kHz, and I can pick it up in Sydney at night more easily than 7SD.


Yes sorry, It’s the other way around with those.


Going by I should be able to receive most of these in the green or light green tonight.


Is 819khz ABC Radio NSW?


Yes, from Glen Innes.


What about 1680khz? Sounds Middle eastern… (Turns out it is 1683 Greek Radio Sydney)


Had some coastal ducting earlier this evening at my location. It was low to moderate enhancements of KO Fm and the Newcastle national fm’s. It has now swung around, and now I am getting inland tropo.

Eagle fm at times quite strong with RDS, however the signal is unstable and will completely fade out before coming back in strong again. Orange Nationals enhanced, no commercials. Central West Slopes Triple J fading in and out but very weak.


Receiving 1053 2CA quite clear here in Central Victoria this evening.


How far north do Newcastle signals usually travel? I managed to get KOFM and New FM listenable to about Coolongolook. Star FM dropped out just prior.


Would 963khz be Triple M Riverina or Triple M Bunbury? I think both seem to be interrupting each other…


That’s about the usual spot where the Newcastle commercials stop becoming listenable in a moving car heading north.