After-school game shows

Were they more popular, or just better back in the 80s and 90s?

My favourite was A*mazing by far. I was never too happy when it swapped out for Total Recall or Time Masters for a few months.

From memory these shows were generally produced around the network rather than just coming out of Sydney or Melbourne. A*Mazing came out of Brisbane, but I believe it eventually moved to one of the other stations towards the end of its run.

Hal McElroy and Southern Star - is there anything they can’t do? :heart_eyes:


Loved watching Go Go Stop on 7 back in the day!


I believe someone stated production might have been in Perth at one stage?

Kids TV was a lot more fun in the 80s and 90s.

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I think you’re right. That was also the reason the maze got a complete overhaul towards the end.

Now You See It was always worth a watch but the ‘90s successor, Download, quickly turned to shit once the first host left.

Bit before my time, but my brother was a contestant on Double Dare. Production was at ATV10 Melbourne.

From memory they also produced out of North Ryde in Sydney. Was one of my favorite shows growing up.

Another kids game show was Blockbusters on Seven.

There was a My Generation game show on nine for a short while.

Kids TV was really good in the late 80s and early 90s


I used to beg my mother to allow me to go on Matchmates when I was a kid. It had elements of Catchphrase about it, a great opening theme song and the contestants used to go down a slippery dip when they entered the set.


Aaaah, the good old days.

A*Mazing was an awesome show. Just about everyone at school watched it.

Now You See It was worth a watch.

I enjoyed Time Masters, but I didn’t enjoy its successor Wipeout (both hosted by Tony Johnston).

Now You See It was a personal favourite of mine, mostly because the set looked like the inside of a space station, with 6 year old me thinking it was filmed inside an actual space station at the time, lol! (It was filmed at BTQ7)

C’mon Kids on 9 was another one I used to watch. Ridgey Didge on Channel 10 was another favourite. Oh and Double Dare, I so wanted to go on that show. Closest I got was being in the audience for Family Double Dare.

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The first one that came to mind for me!


Matchmates and Now You See It for me too.

The Mike Meade and Melvin era, of course.


A*mazing was the benchmark. Everything else at the time was pretty ordinary in comparison.


A*mazing was the best kids game show ever


Remember that you could get an ORIGINAL Game Boy when you won A*mazing?

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I wonder why they haven’t brought the concept back?

Might be too expensive to produce.


Yess me too! Does anyone know when repeats of this show last aired?

Not 100% sure, but i’d say around 2010. Unsure whether it aired on any multichannels later on.

I liked Amazing as well when Was a young lad. Can’t remember how long it lasted though.