After-school game shows

According to Wikipedia, 650 episodes over 5 years. I think easily the most succesful after-school game show.

Especially for multichannels. They need the main channel

I rewatched Download a few months ago and didn’t realise how dumb the kids looked.

Was Pick Your Face (on Nine) ever on afternoons? I only remember it being aired on a Saturday morning.

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Nine had a kids version of the popular US game show $25,000 pyramid in 2009

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Had a brief run at 4pm weekdays but was repeated ad nauseum Saturday mornings for a few years.

A couple more from the late 2000s:

Pyramid (hosted by Shura Taft and shown on Nine at 4:00 in around 2009).
It’s Academic (with Simon Reeve, I think it finished only recently).
Lab Rats Challenge

Nine’s answer to A*mazing.

Did Ten do anything in that era? I don’t recall anything.


Amazing was the only thing that I watched in the arvo that wasn’t on ABC it was awesome. Way too expensive to do these days I presume.

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Ten had Totally Wild most afternoons.

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The original now you see it with Mike Meade ran from 1985-1993 then it moved to 9 and was at 780 episodes in total. Amazing was good but not really in the league of the halcyon days of tv in the late 80s early 90s.

Another great TV game show for kids was Vidiot on ABC hosted by Eden Gaha in the mid 90s ABC came to my school to audition students for this show and we went along to the audience to watch.


Wipeout came through in the late 90s.

I watched the after school programs probably between 2007-12 (before The Chase UK started and the children’s shows moved for multichannels), but my favourites were:
*Totally Wild
*The Shak
*Go Go Stop
*Lab Rats Challenge (IIRC the show aired on Nine between 2008-11, then Seven picked up the show and shortened it to Lab Rats in 2012)
Does anyone remember Sharky’s Friends? Maybe 07? I remember I used to like that show.

Totally Wild wasn’t a game show… unless they featured stories on big game hunting? I’d be very surprised if Ranger Stacey’s living room was decked out with trophies from big game hunts.


Channel 9 had Pick Your Face… bit average though.

Another from the early 90s. This was before amazing commenced in 1994.

Also Blockbusters in 1992

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A*mazing was produced at BTQ from 1994-96 then at TVW from 1997-98. In 2012, James Sherry started a Facebook page urging someone to bring the show back.

I remember Challenger, originally hosted by Dougie the Pizza Boy (Diarmid Heidenriech) but he only lasted about a month before he was replaced with two hosts. One of them was Zoe Sheridan, I think the other one was Adrian Devito (?).

For the younger folk, Diarmid was nicknamed Dougie the Pizza Boy because he first appeared as a delivery driver in early to mid 90’s Pizza Hut ads.


A*Mazing was the standout show and Vidiot was great too.

Go Go Stop was a massive step down from A*Mazing, not least because the questions were so ridiculously easy on it but also the lack of action in the show and lack of personality from the host in comparison (Wipeout had similar problems).

Challenger suffered from a similar lack of difficulty in the questions and although the challenges were the focus I guess. Pick Your Face was the worst of the lot.

I enjoyed Total Recall even though it was presented as more of a traditional ‘adult’ game show.

Time Masters was great except that I would have been dreadful at the basketball shooting :stuck_out_tongue: Whereas the Scrambled path game would have been heaps of fun to play.

I did like Matchmates. Quiz shows for kids were a rarity in those days, unless you went for the more serious It’s Academic on Sundays, although I do vaguely remember watching another kids quiz show, Razzle Dazzle, on Nine in the late 1970s. But I actually recall zero of what it was about. It was hosted by Rory O’Donoghue of Aunty Jack fame. I suspect he might have also sung the theme song.

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For me, the after-school Games Shows in the 1990s were great, and the ones in the early 2000s were passable.

Then the 2010s came, and the amount of kids game-shows have almost vanished. There was Its Academic. And that’s about it. I think.

There were primetime shows like “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader” and “The Spelling Bee”, which were more family oriented rather than the classic school shows. But they’re not the same.