Exactly. The last thing Carlton needs is more younger players - it needs players with experience that can actually hold a team together



Tom Hickey has gone from St. Kilda to West Coast.


Lynch and Fasolo weren’t traded. Lynch was a restricted free agent that GC declined to match an offer for and Fasolo was an unrestricted free agent.


Wednesday night, 8:30 ADST

And add Luke “Disinterested” Dahlhaus to Geelong as a UFA to the list.

There are 10 Free Agents who now can only move if they are traded or are delisted after Thursday. Some like Geelong’s George Horlin-Smith will move to Gold Coast because if he was signed as an unrestricted FA the Suns may have lost Pick 3, some like Michael Rischitelli are being re-rookied and as such attract no interest, some like Tom Liberatore are expected to remain with their club thanks to lukewarm interest, and some like Daniel Menzel may have no option but to stay to keep their AFL career alive after no interest.


And also: Taylor Duryea (Hawthorn to Bulldogs.)
Tom Scully (GWS to Hawthorn).
Aaron Hall (Gold Coast to the Roos).
It looks as though Jesse Hogan will stay at Melbourne Demons. But the big question is whether Steven May stay as a Sun or move to Melbourne or Collingwood.


May will not go to Collingwood. If Hogan doesn’t go to Fremantle May will stay at Gold Coast.

I think Hogan will go to Fremantle tomorrow. I think we will see Beams to Collingwood, Neale to Brisbane, Hogan to Fremantle, May to Melbourne all tomorrow.


My predictions for next year based on whether teams will hover around the same mark, go up or go down:

Richmond - around the mark
West Coast - around the mark
Collingwood - around the mark
Hawthorn - down
Melbourne - up
Sydney - down
GWS - down
Geelong - around the same (maybe missing 8)
North Melbourne - around the same
Port Adelaide - around the same
Essendon - up
Adelaide - up
Western Bulldogs - around the same
Fremantle - down
Brisbane - up
St Kilda - around the same
Gold Coast - around the same
Carlton - around the same


We’ve strengthened our list and you think we’ll go down? Wow


I don’t think they will be top 4. So yes, I think they will go down. Even if they have ‘strengthened’ their list. And to be fair I don’t really see it that much stronger than this year with many players only ageing. Scully won’t play next season as, as far as I have heard, he requires foot surgery. The other player is a player that couldn’t get a game for Gold Coast even though they had only 26 players to choose from and Wingard which, to me, is the only good pick up. But one player won’t suddenly get you higher than fourth.


Tips for 2019.
West coast
Port Adelaide
Sydney (miss by a small percentage)
North Melbourne
Gold Coast
St Kilda


Adelaide will not be at the bottom of the ladder. There is no way that would happen.

And I just don’t think Port Adelaide have the team or the game style to play finals.


Adelaide crows have been written off with 4 straight losses and injuries this year. Taylor walker was suspended twice this year - rough conduct and Heavy tackle.

Meanwhile I would like to see demons get in top 4 for the first time since 2000. If the acquisition of Steven May to Melbourne is finalised, it could be a long way to see a climb into top 4. Clayton Oliver is doing fine and will see him play even better in 2019. Meanwhile Geelong cats will be playing Russian roulette in 2019.


Adelaide could trade 20 players tomorrow, not replace them and still not finish bottom. If we are talking suspensions, Andrew Gaff got an 8 week ban, they won the flag. Also, West Coast got flogged in Hobart and were written off.
Melbourne finished 4th this year, I’m fairly certain that’s in the top 4!


That’s news to Hawthorn then :wink:


Hawthorn finished 5th. Kinda can’t finish top 4 without winning a final… :rofl:


Talking about ladder position not finals


How does any of that write them off in 2019 though?


End of the day, ladder position ultimately means nothing to the top 8, everything is judged on where they finish after finals.


I don’t think you get my post. I am simply stating whether I think teams will go up and down on the ladder. Not judging finals right now.


I don’t think I was referring to you originally. I said Melbourne finished 4th in reference to Shoudychen suggesting Melbourne would finish in the top 4 for the first time since 2000. They finished 4th this year!
Now that I’ve scrolled up and looked at your predictions, there’s a couple I’d disagree with but they’re opinions.