Suns/GWS get those numbers with a full 11 home games - Tasmania get close with matches against teams that are moved because they won’t draw many to Docklands/MCG - and have a smaller population base to draw from.

While not everyone would instantly or ever jump on a team Tasmania bandwagon - you’d get stronger numbers for each match simply because you’d have more top sides playing matches down there.

If it can’t be the Suns, then I’d personally be equally okay sending Carlton down to Tasmania.


But yet your numbers are with the Suns playing 7 at Carrara and the Giants playing 8 at the Showgrounds.
I don’t agree with the argument of sending a side down here to draw bigger numbers over the two expansion clubs when the figures over the years for football in Tasmania are declining. In that time, we’ve have strong drawing sides.
My argument is, a side in Tasmania won’t be able to financially support itself, would be living on handouts.
Tasmanian want a relocated Carl as much as they want a relocated GC. Just another side that isn’t theirs, living off the AFL because they wouldn’t draw a crowd that makes them financially viable. The Tasmanian government is why both sides are here, they fund the games. So unless the govt is happy to underwrite 11 games a year, or the AFL happy to have another club bleeding money, it isn’t happening.


AFL Commission announced the new rules this afternoon. Most of them are ridiculous and reactionary.


We have listened to our fans, players, coaches, umpires and clubs.

Are you serious?


Yeah, they listened to them then ignored all of them


What is happening wirh the NSW teams. They are trading away lots for next to nothing. Are they making room for something big next year?


Rory Lobb has signalled interest in moving back to WA and will probably join Fremantle. Daniel Hannebury has moved from Sydney to St Kilda. Gary Rohan has moved from Sydney to Geelong to be with his family. GWS giants player Tom Scully is set to return to Victoria and probably joining Essendon.


Giants used 3 category B rookies to meet the minimum list requirement of 44 this year, so they’ve clearly got salary cap issues.
Hannebery is a “we think he’s cooked and he’s on shitloads of money, so let’s move him on”. That’s why that deal so clearly favoured St Kilda. Rohan and Sydney mutually agreed he should be closer to his family that are based around Geelong, and they got Ryan Clarke as a replacement. He is essentially a cheaper, younger version of Rohan.


That did not answer what I was asking…


They cant be 3 million over though. Surely?


They’ve only lost Griffen and Setterfield so far!
But, yeah, have quite a few players on back ended deals (Shiel and Lobb seem to be) so it’s possible to have the same list they would be well over the cap.


Interesting. I just find it quite strange both teams are offloading and getting picks for next year. I really wonder if someone has flagged interest to go next year.


Or are there Academy kids they’ve got in the pipeline that they need picks and points for?


Possibly there just has to be something. You don’t give away Hannebery and your second round pick to St Kilda for your their future second round. It just doesn’t make sense. Something must be in the pipeline next year for them.

In regards to Wingard. Quite glad he is moving on. I think Hawthorn can bring out the best in him. He was just too comfortable and thought he was too good for Port Adelaide.


And just to summarise:
Dan Hannebury has gone from Sydney to St Kilda.
Gary Rohan has gone from Sydney to Geelong.
Lincoln McCarthy has moved from Geelong to Brisbane.
Corey Ellis has moved from Richmond to Gold Coast.
Tom Lynch has been traded from Gold Coast to Richmond.
Scott Lycett moved from West Coast to Port Adelaide.
Mitch Mcgovern has moved from Adelaide to Carlton.
Alex Fasolo has traded from Collingwood to Carlton.
Dom Tyson has moved from Melbourne to the Roos.
Braydon Preuss has moved from Roos to Melbourne.

The big issue is Jesse Hogan - Will he stay at Melbourne?


When does the circus end?


Theres going to be more trades. Carlton are trying to secure the No 1 priority pick after getting the wooden spoon this year.


Soon to be announced Dylan Shiel (GWS) to Essendon


You missed Polec and Pittard to North


What? Carlton already have the number 1 pick and they will NOT get a priority pick as they and Gold Coast have already been given extra consideration.