AFL Tipping

To make it easier to manage for those who like to participate in tipping comps. I have setup a handy place to enter tips for AFL via

I am not going to manage a comp within the forum itself, as I feel it will be too time consuming, but feel free to join in via the link above to have a fun tipping comp.

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So there’s no comp like JackMelbTV has made in previous years?

Nobody else seemed to put their hand up. I figured it’s easier to automate this as I see how much effort needs to go in to maintain via the forum. Happy to post the ladder here though.

Names are as used via Feel free to post/brag below what name belongs to you.

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I’ve had a few shocking weeks. Need to get back some credibility.

This will probably be the only time I’m leading for the year. :grin:

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Look at me lads… At the bottom… Again.

Im not far in front. Just the single tip.

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I had a stinker. Tipping Port is not smart but I feel bad if I don’t. And why did I tip Gold Coast and Femantle?

I tipped Geelong as that’s my team but I probably haven’t been making smart choices in this comp.

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Decided to pull my finger out and post an updated ladder… I’m still on the bottom. Go me!

Think you contradicted yourself here @Brad

Anyone keen in joining a supercoach league this is the website I am using

And this is the code 657887

Maybe we could do the same for AFL Tipping?

If you decide to do the tipping I have created a Media Spy Tipping League. The code is 317862