AFL Coverage

The AFL Nation website is still active, but is only reposting AFL news articles from the SEN website.

The AFL Nation podcast has also been updated with highlights from the commentary of last night’s season opener between Richmond and Carlton, as well as pre-match and post-match in full.


Yep, still called AFL Nation. The various SEN streams taking the call even list it as that.

As for affiliates. In addition to Ace taking most timeslots and SRN/BOG taking at least two Saturday games, it seems that Resonate are taking the same games as SRN/BOG, while CAAMA, Cruise 1323 Adelaide, Voice FM 99.9 Ballarat and KLFM 96.5 Bendigo are taking some games.


Any mention on air or online/socials from Cruise1323 regarding them now taking the calls?

I’d love to read/see listener feedback.

They’re one of the last of the strong performing AM music stations and this’ll seriously have an impact on its listeners.

It’s not like Adelaide really has any alternative for when 1323AM takes the call.

SEN already destroyed ARN’s 4KQ. Why are they letting it happen again to Cruise?


Community station Coast FM 88.7 is similar on the weekend at least, transmission might be a bit limited outside the southern suburbs though.


New rights deal means 3AW is relaying Victorian games back in to Adelaide and Perth via FiveAA and 6PR again.

Previously FiveAA and 6PR were forced to use SEN AFL Nation coverage for non-SA or non-WA matches.


In the previous rights deal when 3AW wasn’t syndicated, they strangely maintained the half time formatics from the rights deal before that one, where the 2nd break was preceded by a news update which in turn was preceded by whoever was hosting the coverage advising “relay station to take your commitments and rejoin us in about five minutes”.

Now that they have relay stations again, they’ve changed the format. The 2nd break is no longer preceded by a news update. Instead a news update follows the break and a full “Melbourne’s 3AW” news opener goes out to the network.