AFL Coverage

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AFL coverage on National Indigenous Radio Service could cease next year due to lack of league funding.


Warren Tredrea has joined FiveAA’s AFL commentary team for 2019, ending his eight-year stint at Triple M.


That article is wrong - he left Triple M at the end of 2017 and joined 3AW’s coverage last year


I also didn’t realise 5AA called footy, thought they took all the games they covered from 3AW or Crocmedia (both of which Tredrea called for last year).


5AA has its own AFL coverage (called 5AAFL) for many years. In fact it has separate commentary teams for Crows games and Power games.


Yeah, I’m not from Adelaide so I wouldn’t know. Had always figured with the amount of games they took from 3AW/AFL Nation that they didn’t cover it themselves anymore.
Edit: the only games 5AA now cover outside of AFL Nation are Adel or PP games.