AFL Coverage

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AFL coverage on National Indigenous Radio Service could cease next year due to lack of league funding.


Warren Tredrea has joined FiveAA’s AFL commentary team for 2019, ending his eight-year stint at Triple M.


That article is wrong - he left Triple M at the end of 2017 and joined 3AW’s coverage last year


I also didn’t realise 5AA called footy, thought they took all the games they covered from 3AW or Crocmedia (both of which Tredrea called for last year).


5AA has its own AFL coverage (called 5AAFL) for many years. In fact it has separate commentary teams for Crows games and Power games.


Yeah, I’m not from Adelaide so I wouldn’t know. Had always figured with the amount of games they took from 3AW/AFL Nation that they didn’t cover it themselves anymore.
Edit: the only games 5AA now cover outside of AFL Nation are Adel or PP games.


Macquarie Sports Radio in Sydney and Brisbane will take 3AW’s call of AFL matches rather than AFL Nation for 2019.


That sort of makes sense. I take it 2GB’s NRL coverage is going to be on 1278 in Melbourne?

I guess that means Swans games are on 2SM if AFL Nation has the rights?


2GB’s NRL coverage will indeed be on 1278 in Melbourne (mentioned in MSR and NRL coverage threads).


And does it mean Crocmedia no longer require two commentary teams at certain games?

This means no more “double ups” on calls with 2SM taking one feed and MSR taking another.

It was pointless from the beginning.


This year ABC will cover one match per week during the regular season, plus both semi finals and the grand final. This week’s broadcast match is the season opener between Geelong and Collingwood at Kardinia Park tomorrow (Saturday) at 6.30pm AEDT.


Not true. SEN also covered AFLW last season.

SEN and K Rock also covering this match.


According to SEN website, the BBL will be on SEN 1116 and A-League will be on SEN+. Will SEN broadcast AFLW online?


I beleive Anthony Tucker and Michael Mayney wont be calling AFL for the ABC this year. Someone from Melbourne is moving to Adelaide to take up a full time Grandstand role.


It has happened before. Matt Clinch moved to Adelaide after the retirement of Roger Wills, only to return to Melbourne in 2017.
So Anthony Tucker won’t be reporting from the boundary during AFL matches in Adelaide either?
These musical chairs by ABC management can’t continue. It needs to lure Dan Lonergan back.


Joel Peterson is moving over to Adelaide according to Jim Maxwell during the last test match.


That means if there are three matches in Victoria on a Saturday, ABC will have to fly someone from interstate to call a match.


3AW will broadcast AFLW for the first time this year, with its coverage of Western Bulldogs v Geelong from Whitten Oval tomorrow night.


Will that be heard on MSR Syd & Bris?


No - it clashes with BBL coverage