AFL Coverage

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Clint Wheeldon flew from Perth to Melbourne to call tonight’s Richmond v Collingwood preliminary final for ABC Radio alongside Alister Nicholson. I assume Clint will fly back home in the morning to commentate the other prelim at Optus Stadium.


National Indigenous Radio Service will have the first all-Indigenous commentary team for the AFL Grand Final on Saturday. It will be led by Chris Johnson along with Tony Armstrong, Darryl White, Nathan Lovett-Murray, Josh Hill and Chris Egan.

ABC Local Radio in Victoria and WA will broadcast the Grand Final parade tomorrow (Friday) from midday AEST.


I do wonder if Chris Johnson has ever done kick-by-kick calling before?


Grand Final call teams:
AFL Nation: Stephen Quartermain, Peter Donegan, Terry Wallace, Kane Cornes, Abbey Holmes
Triple M: James Brayshaw, Wayne Carey, Chris Judd, Mark Ricciuto, Brian Taylor, Paul Roos, Luke Darcy, Billy Brownless, Damian Barrett, Dr Rohan White, Neroli Meadows, Ash Chua, ‘Dangerous’ Dave Williams
NIRS: Chris Johnson, Tony Armstrong, Darryl White, Nathan Lovett-Murray, Josh Hill, Chris Egan

3AW Melbourne: Tim Lane, Tony Leonard, Leigh Matthews, Matthew Lloyd, Jimmy Bartel, Daniel Harford
SEN Melbourne: Gerard Whateley, Anthony Hudson, Garry Lyon, Danny Frawley, Jack Heverin
K rock Geelong: Darren Berry, Tom King, Mark Neeld, Leigh Brown


The ABC commentary team will be Alister Nicholson, Clint Wheeldon and Brett Sprigg. Experts to be revealed later.


How are they going to use Alister Nicholson, Clint Wheeldon and Brett Sprigg during the match? all 3 doing play-by-play?


Probably one on the boundary.


some of thosw who today will do football commentary on radio will be busy during the off season Tim Lane Cricket wth MacQuarue Sports Radio /channel7, James Brayshaw Cricket Channel7, Anthony Hudosn, Gerard Whateley & Jack Haeverin Cricket sen, Clinyt Wheldon Cricket ABC Radio.


Brett Sprigg on the boundary I think, similar to last week’s West Coast v Melbourne in which Nicholson and Wheeldon doing play-by-play.


That seems like overkill from Triple M, do they REALLY need that many talking heads? I know it’s a Grand Final, but still…

Mind you, the others listed are nearly as bad in that respect.


Triple M have listed everyone who is there in some capacity over the day. 3AW didn’t but would have as many there nearly. Interestingly, there is no Mark Howard listed there. I read earlier in the week that he was working, so no idea what’s going on there.


From what I have read TripleM did not list Mark Howard anywhere …
Mark Howard her left TripleM


This article begs to differ with Howie leaving Triple M.


ABC Radio commentary team for today’s AFL Grand Final: Alister Nicholson and Clint Wheeldon (play by play), Brad Sewell, Shane Woewodin, Mark McClure. Kelli Underwood on the boundary. Matt Clinch and Brett Sprigg in the team rooms.


SEN are currently replaying the grand final on their main station


It’s one thing for TV stations to do that, but radio?

Though I know ABC Grandstand Digital does it too.


SEN replayed both of the exclusive coverage they had and then the AFL nation call. Hopeless programming.


ABC Local Radio in Victoria has been replaying the grand final in full on Sunday afternoon for many years. Seems like SEN is following suit.


Pretty sure SEN has replayed the GF for many years on the Saturday night - remember listening to it a few years ago


Former FiveAA and Channel Nine presenter Kym Dillon is joining Crocmedia’s AFL Nation team next year.