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MMM has their Sydney based team doing it, nothing wrong with that either. I’d guess Corbin Middlemas does it for ABC?


AFL Nation coverage for final round of home and away season



Barry Hall will be on 60 Minutes this Sunday discussing his sacking from Triple M after he made that crude comment on-air before the Western Bulldogs-Geelong game on June 29.


SEN’s site lists them airing the Geelong match. So should Gerard Whateley and Peter Donegan be at the Geelong match instead of the MCG match? edit; it’s Jack Heverin and Kevin Bartlett doing that match, which makes sense.


It’s quite strange, because Gerard has done every game down in Geelong this year for SEN/Croc.


Didn’t do rounds 4, 6, 10 or 18. So Whateley has done 5 of the 9 Kardinia Park matches.


Gerard Whateley hasn’t called an Interstate game this home and away season.


Ah Whoops. I had noticed he had done what I had thought was all of them, but obviously not.


I dare say it’s in his contract. He also hasn’t done more than 2 games a week regularly either (not saying he hasn’t done 3, but it’s not every week).


If Tim Lane leaves 3AW, i’d guess either Shane McInnes or Matt Granland would be promoted to work with Tony Leonard.


Is that really a promotion? Leonard would be the worst caller they have!


3AW should get Karl Langdon, he’s done matches for them in the past.


Actually, scratch that. Langdon is worse.


Tim Lane apologised to 3AW listeners this afternoon, saying he and most of his commentary team was not able to fly to Sydney this morning on Qantas, due to last night’s storm in the city which led to several flights cancelled. Tim and his colleagues were bumped off their scheduled flight to accommodate for passengers affected by yesterday’s cancellation. Therefore, he and Tony Leonard would call this afternoon’s elimination final between the Swans and the Giants in the studio in front of the big screen. Leigh Matthews is already at the SCG.


Is this the first time that Lane or Leonard has ever called a match from the studio?


AFL Nation coverage of week two of 2018 finals


AFL Nation coverage of week three of 2018 finals


Gerard has the sweetest gig. Never has to leave VIC to call a game.


Who Will be doing the call for triple m for the two matches? I know BT does Friday night on 7 but on Saturday arvo, It looked like Dennis might do the call for the match at Optus stadium.