AFL Coverage

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I do wonder if 3AW has ever aired a match from Manuka Oval that wasn’t a feed from 5AA or 6PR(e.g. sending their own team)?


AFL Nation commentary line-up for Round 22



3AW is also covering GWS v Sydney this afternoon. It does not normally broadcast matches not involving at least one Victorian team, unless it is crucial to finals chances of one or both teams.


I’d say it’s calling it from Adelaide too, unless all 3 (McInnes, Butler and Tredrea) are flying to Adelaide to call the game tomorrow. They very well could be.


They’re there or going to extreme lengths to dupe listeners.


Haha that’s great to see, do hate the calling off TV business. I did have a bit both ways, as I was unsure. Thanks for clearing it up! :blush:


Do you think that 3AW will cover the Lions-Eagles match next week, given it could have importance?


Whilst driving, I heard that Boomer Harvey was the expert commentator for the Carlton v Western Bulldogs game at Etihad Stadium.


No - they’ll likely cover the Melbourne v GWS Giants game since it has Top 8 implications for both sides


It also makes sense for 3AW to take the Collingwood-Frematle match via 6PR, as the Magpies, Swans and Hawks are all on 56 points. The Geelong-Gold Coast match should also be covered, since a Gold Coast win gives Port Adelaide the 8 spot.


MMM has that game listed, with the Perth team doing the call. Since JB can’t do it, nor can BT.


3AW have access to the Sunday 3.20pm game as part of their A package. Don’t see why they’d suddenly cover a Sunday 1.10pm game from Brisbane instead.


The game in Brisbane is meaningless. I see no reason for 3AW to cover it, when they have access to what will be a important match.


Hang on, you were the one asking whether 3AW would cover the “important” Lions v Eagles match, I said no, now you’re trying to make it sound like it was my idea when I informed you what game they would cover?


3AW will not broadcast Lions v Eagles on Sunday, according to the AFL website. It will cover Demons v GWS in full plus second half of St Kilda v North Melbourne. On Saturday, 3AW will broadcast Richmond v Western Bulldogs while other stations have Geelong v Gold Coast.


You mean like they’ve covered Sunday 3.20 all year!? Fancy that…


I assumed that SEN would have the Richmond v Western Bulldogs match, kind of surprised about 3AW having that one.


Should 3AW pull Tim Lane or Tony Leonard from the Richmond v Western Bulldogs match to the Sydney v. Hawthorn match? the later is more important in terms of the finals.


Shane McInnes and Matt Granland are calling Sydney v Hawthorn for 3AW, nothing wrong with that.


Tonsils Granland is the best caller they’ve got, he’s definitely doing the right match!