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AFL Nation commentary line-up for Round 19


Brett McLeod was on ABC Melbourne Drive tonight scoffed at a suggestion that TV would influence radio or The Age which is understandable. I guess if anyone has an issue the talent will follow the money.


There are many examples of media identities having two or more jobs with competing organisations, eg. Eddie McGuire and Sam Pang. I don’t see how it will be a problem.


Is it me, or does Triple M call some matches form the studio?


Wouldn’t surprise me! They (by that, I mean MMM, 2GB, 3AW, ABC etc) all do it across nearly every sport. It’s called cost cutting.


Why do you think that?


AFL poo poo studio calling. When do you think they’re studio calling?


I can’t even imagine trying to call Aussie rules for radio off a screen. So much happening ahead of and behind if the play. Can’t see it being possible off a Seven or Fox telecast.


They’ve definitely called games from the studio over the past few weekends - it was so obvious when it was happening it’s not funny


Examples please?


Bulldogs v Port last Sunday and Hawthorn v Brisbane in R17 to name two examples


How is it obvious? Do they have anyone at the ground?


I don’t remember seeing anyone at York Park 2 weeks ago but I didn’t see every single person at the ground either. All I know is that the AFL do not like studio calls. Terry Wallace had an issue with flights a couple of weeks back, had to call from Melb with Russell Barwick in Syd, sounded horrendous.
Let me guess, you’ve been listening to Liam Pickering? He was carrying on about Triple M not going up to Ballarat Sunday.
Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Adelaide based team of Lewis/Yates/Biglands/Doropoulos travelled to Bellerive Sunday given how few direct flights there are between Adelaide and Hobart. Not sure why an Adelaide based team would be calling NM v WC instead of the usual Montagna/Denner/Giles though.


Things like having pre-match interviews done via telephone instead of on the boundary, how the venue is referenced to and in the case of the Hawthorn v Brisbane game, Barry Denner later called an evening game as well - something he couldn’t have done if he was in Tasmania

Nope - have no knowledge about what he said


OK, fair enough. Rarely listen to MMM, poor form if they didn’t even travel to ballarat. I’d assume money has been spent to provide for enough broadcast facilities.


SportsEars are discontinuing their AFL transmissions effective at the end of the season. Apparently this is due to a change in the AFL’s operational requirements. A message is being transmitted over the channel on ground. That is, in my case, if the NRL transmission stops interfering with the AFL one.

If you have the lower cost model, at least you still have AM and FM modes.


AFL Nation commentary line-up for Round 21

Note that AFL Nation is not streaming the radio broadcast of Sunday’s game between North Melbourne and Western Bulldogs, not sure why. The commentary can still be heard via the AFL website and app.


I suspect they’re only allowed to stream on their website if the game broadcast is going out to affiliates. SEN exclusives are excluded. The streaming deal pre-dates Crocmedia taking over SEN.


Former AFLW premiership coach Bec Goddard provided special comments for ABC Radio during last night’s GWS-Adelaide clash in Canberra. Goddard resigned as Adelaide coach earlier this year to return to the national capital to work for the Australian Federal Police.


Back in 2002, 3AW covered the Kangaroos-West Coats match via 6PR, as that match had more importance over any other match on the Sunday. But the day before, ABC covered the Lions-Power match, while the other two stations were at the MCG for Collingwood-Western Bulldogs.