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Anyone know what happened?


I wasn’t listening at the time but I’m aware, yes.
Not going to say it in a public forum.
EDIT: just go to some sort of social media and search Barry Hall. Absolutely disgusting.


There are reports on social media. Incredible that someone would think like that let alone vocalise those thoughts whilst on air. Good call by Triple M to remove him immediately.


Surprised that they didn’t name him in the statement, to be honest. Regardless, management made the correct call here


Begs the question, were they on a seven second delay and if so who had their finger on it and didn’t think it worthy of being dumped? If no delay, why not?


And now according to The Age, all the men laughed…


Surely Montagna didn’t laugh? I wouldn’t have…


The football goes to air without a delay so that it is live for people who wish to listen to it at the ground. I imagine the same goes for the pre and post game shows when they are done from the ground (which is always the case for games in Melbourne) as it would be easier to manage as one whole broadcast.


Isn’t the seven second delay specifically for when radio stations take callers? All other times they shouldn’t be on delay.

We need audio evidence. Surely Barry Hall would know better.

Thanks to someone on bigfooty

It’s not that bad.


Yes, Barry Hall has always been renowned for “knowing better”. :roll_eyes:



AW used to do pre game and post game on
delay. Occasionally they’d forget and remain in delay once the game started. Easy to set up with a commercial break or station ID.

I knew Barry socially during his St Kilda days and professionally in his post football life. I’m surprised but not. This is the old Barry peeking out.


Having heard the audio (via another source) it’s pretty obvious that Triple M have used Barry as the scape goat here since he’s a casual and easy to get rid of. The whole topic was inappropriate and others should be sanctioned too. Definitely not condoning what he said, it was the tipping point, but there’s no place for discussing such procedures in a 6pm footy show to begin with. Joey should know better than to bring up him wife in a conversation that way, and others should know not to bring it up. Had a full time employee such as Eddie or Billy made the exact same comments Triple M would be standing by their talent.


Barry Hall has apologised for the vulgar comments he made last night.


Exactly. I thought the joke Mick Molloy made at the end was worse than what Barry said.

It’s the footy, not the Triple M gynecological show. Time and place and all that jazz.


There was a female voice calling last night’s Gold Coast v Collingwood match alongside Quentin Hull on ABC Radio. Does anyone know her name?


Jessica Webster


how did you listen to the suns-magpies match then?


MMM only used 2 in the booth for that match- Richard Champion and Sam Hargreaves. Cost cutting, perhaps?


The other usual person Triple M use for Suns games is Barry Hall…
Simon Black does Brisbane games, maybe he either doesn’t want to do Suns games or is away?


She’s actually pretty good- and for someone who hasn’t done an AFL match before too.