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Starting from this Weekend the moment the selection 3AW make to broadcast a natch involving one of Sydney Swans, GWS Giants, Brisbane Lions or the Gold Coast Suns MacQuarie Sports Radio 954 or MacQuarie Sports Radio 882 will take the Commentary from 3AW instead of the Commentary from AFL Nation. this is going to mean 3AW’s commetary will be on 954 tonight and on 882 tomorrow for the first time ever.


Brian Taylor is going to Adelaide to call the Power-Bulldogs match for MMM with Chris Dittmar. I guess that means he’s not doing TV.


AFL Nation commentary line-up for Round 13


Interesting pre-match coverage on 3AW this evening before Port Adelaide takes on Western Bulldogs. While the bulk of the commentary team is at Adelaide Oval, Leigh Matthews is broadcasting from Sydney’s 2GB having attended a meeting in the afternoon. I assume Leigh will stay in Sydney for Seven’s coverage of the Swans-Eagles game tomorrow.


Did he only do the pregame or is he doing special comments too?


Warren Tredrea is listed as special comments person.
EDIT: Leigh Matthews only did the pre-match, with Tony Shaw and Warren Tredrea providing special comments.


Stan Alves is retiring from the ABC commentary team after 26 years. He had been part of the team since 1989, in between his stint as St Kilda coach taking his team to the 1997 AFL grand final.
The ABC tweeted yesterday:


Don’t know if this is relevant, but in my Sports Ears (well, not quite - it was my iPod Nano switched over to the 77.4FM combined refs/TV commentary), the Seven statisticians were giving pointers for the various milestones that were reached during the Swans and West Coast match. There was also some music box tones alerting when the commentary was meant to restart that sounded like the first few bars of the Bonanza theme song.


It will be interesting to see who goes to Perth for the Thursday night game. 3AW will take 6PR for sure, same thing with MMM, since they have team in Perth.


I’m hoping Tim Gossage gets a run on SEN/Croc, but suspect he won’t because it would clash with his Ten Eyewitness News commitments.


With the game in Adelaide, i guess they’ll have the Melbourne based guys doing a studio pre match before handing it to the Adelaide callers to handle the call. But only the Perth crew is listed for Thursday night, so maybe the Perth crew is doing prematch too.


AFL Nation commentary line-up for Round 14


I wonder why SEN used Tim Gossage and Ben Cameron- when they could have sent either Gerard Whateley or Anthony Hudson.


Not sure about Hudo, but Gerard only does games in VIC, he hasn’t travelled interstate for an AFL game all year.


for 3AW, I guess the Eagles-Crows match this week is from 6PR, given that Adam Papalia is part of the team and also Brad Hardie.


I don’t think 3AW will broadcast the Crows-Eagles match from Adelaide given no Victorian team is involved. It will rather have extended post-match of Carlton v Port Adelaide, then the extended pre-match of either Gold Coast v Collingwood or GWS v Hawthorn.


Not sure about that- MMM is taking that game, so maybe 3AW will, given they’d have the 6PR team doing it.


You are right. According to 3AW website, the station will take 6PR’s call of Crows-Eagles clash.


AFL Nation commentary line-up for Round 15


Barry Hall has managed to get himself future endeavoured from Triple M whilst on air.