AFL Coverage

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How’s that going to help? It would only increase the delay between the tv and radio.


SEN picked the best game then-the Melbourne v Bulldogs game was no conest.


yep. Good point. :joy: Although I mostly listen to radio via streaming so that’s why I thought of it.


I remember during the sirengate match in 06- the 6PR call(Smokey Dawson and Shane Healy) was a few seconds ahead of Nine(Dwayne Russell and Dennis Cometti), because i heard the 6PR team’s reaction to the confusion before Nine’s.


No, SEN still get the leftovers. Every now and then they score a decent game.


Yes, but I’m listening to the streams as very little of it is on the radio in Canberra (and I’d prefer to listen to the commercial stations rather than the ABC coverage anyway). Easy enough to get the delay right.

I usually watch on Foxtel Now so I find the radio streams are way ahead of the vision. Radio Delay solves that problem for me. But I agree that the casual viewer wouldn’t bother with such technical shenanigans.


Any idea why Nick Dal Santo only covered 3 games (Easter Monday, Anzac Day, Syd/Car last week) in the first 11 rounds for AFL Nation but has 3 (PP/Ric, GWS/GC and Queen’s Birthday) this weekend?
AFL Nation comes across as a very random commentary team sometimes.


Because there is less games this week, hus Fox Footy commitments are less.


AFL Nation commentary line-up for Round 12


According to SEN’s website, Gerard Whateley &
Kevin Bartlett are calling the Geelong V North Melbourne match. And on Sunday, Peter Donegan &
Tristan Foenander are calling the Brisbane v Essendon match for SEN.


He’s still working for Fox too!
Yes, only Sunday this week for them, has done 16 games in the 11 previous rounds.
3 in a week is ridiculous. I’m guessing there’s a few commentators enjoying a mid year holiday!


How many would Ling or Richo do each between 7 and AW? BT would do at least 3 between TV and radio wouldn’t he?


It’s not unusual for people to do 3 a week. I can think of Huddo, BT, Ling, Carey, Richo at least that do 3 a week. It’s more that Dal Santo has done 3 games for AFL Nation in 11 weeks yet suddenly has 3 in a weekend for them along with his usual game for Fox. Just odd that’s all. I don’t mind Nick so I’m fine with it.


Gotcha, don’t mind him either, he was doing the odd ABC game the last few seasons.


Dwayne Russell does 3 (1 for AW and 2 for Fox)


I’m fairly certain Al Nicholson does 3 for the ABC too now that I think about it. There’s definitely a few. I imagine theres quite a few doing all 4 days this week. Probably everyone we’ve listed is adding Monday to their usual duties!


Huddo is doing 4 games this week.


ABC seems to be using Al Nicholson and Kelli Underwood for FNF no matter where the venue is, whereas years ago they would use the local callers for a match in SA or WA.


Tonight MacQuarie Sports Radio 954 Sydney will take 3AW’s Broadcast of the Sydney Swans match against StKilda and Tomorrow MacQuarie Sports Radio v 882 Brisbanewill take 3AW’s callm of the Brisbane Lions match against Essendon.


Clint Wheeldon has flown from Perth to Sydney to call this afternoon’s GWS-Gold Coast game for ABC Radio, as Corbin Middlemas is in Las Vegas covering the bout between Terence Crawford and Jeff Horn.