AFL Coverage

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AFL Nation commentary line-up for Round 11. It is again differentiating 2 commentary teams for the same game.


3AW has 3 main teams-Tim Lane/Tony Leonard being the A team, then Bruce Eva/Dwayne Russell, then Shane McInnes/Matt Granland. For extra games they use Nick Butler or the 6PR call team.


Matt Granland or Shane McInnes sometimes does FNF instead of Dwayne Russell.


Surely Eva, Russell and co are the A team given they do Friday nights?
Shane McInnes, as far as I am aware, hasn’t called a Friday night game this season. He did Good Friday but that wasn’t a night game.
Only two Friday games Tonsils has called instead of Dwayne were round 9 (DR was in China) and tonight (DR is in Tassie tomorrow, Launceston is notoriously difficult for quick turnarounds on flights).


They’re quite ordinary in my opinion. More ears listening on weekend afternoons than Friday night.


I see ABC is listed on both the Essidon-Richmond match and the West Coast-St Kilda match. I guess that means ABC will do the second half from Perth?


I agree that they’re ordinary. I figured Friday night is the alleged “marquee” match of the round so your ‘A’ team would call, that’s all.


Yeah, Lane/Leonard should be doing FNF.


for MMM same thing-Howard/Darcy being the FNF crew, Brayshaw/BT being the Saturday crew then down the line Schwass/Denner, then Cometti/Reid for Perth matches and Dittmar/Yates for SA matches, and Champion/ Hargreaves for QLD matches.


Tonight Matt Granland and Bruce Eva are calling Sydney v Carlton for 3AW.


No coverage of the Melbourne v Bulldogs game?


Yeah I know. I did mention Tonsils calling earlier so that Dwayne doesn’t have to gamble with Launceston Airport.


In Melbourne SEN are covering the Hawks v Power match as their Saturday arvo match, presumably they’ll take this call as well as those stations listed.


Yep that’s right. The games SEN aren’t taking are WB/Mel, Ess/Ric and Coll/Freo.


AFL Nation still had their sponsored half time show (about a minute long) with Scott Lucas and Cam (?) at the ground.


Former Port Adelaide premiership coach and former Richmond assistant coach Mark Williams is providing special comments for Essendon v Richmond match for 3AW tonight. Matt Granland and Matthew Lloyd are working for the second night in a row.


There was a second call team in Launceston today.
I believe the Maher/Heverin/Murphy trio called solely for SEN whilst Peter Donegan, Tristan Foenander and Daisy Pearce called the game for the other stations listed.


I wonder if anyone mutes TV and listens to radio broadcasts these days?


I wouldn’t have thought so. The few seconds delay of digital TV would make it virtually impossible.


Easy enough to pause tv now though.