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But Hit (Star) Gippsland take Triple M even though 3GG don’t have the footy. My recollection was that the Sale licence area (Gold1242/TRFM) doesn’t overlap Warragul under ACMA licence ownership rules.


Gossage has only worked in Perth this year.
AFL Nation has had 24 two person calls so far this year, not sure why it is suddenly an issue?


Sale has a 43% overlap with Warragul. Traralgon, the biggest town in the region is in both licence areas.


I thought ACE reduced the Sale area so it didn’t overlap and that’s why they got a supplementary licence to the then 3TR. Presumably further population concentration in the Valley (which does surprise me given the winding down of power stations). Anyway good pickup to both you and Tonks


AFL Nation commentary line-up for Round 9:

SEN will broadcast the second half of Essendon v Geelong at the conclusion of Gold Coast v Port Adelaide from Shanghai.
Sam Newman will provide special comments during 3AW’s coverage of St Kilda-Collingwood game tomorrow night.


For the Demons-Crows match at Alice Springs, i’m kind of surprised 3AW is sending a full team over there. Figured they’d use the 5AA feed.


3AW are obliged to cover it given it is part of the ‘A’ package they and Triple M currently have. The A package (in a normal 9 game round) is Fri night, Sat arvo, Sat night, Sun arvo.


I know they are obliged to cover it, but i am surprised they aren’t outsourcing it to 5AA. One time, when the Kangaroos played a home game on the Gold Coast against the Power, that’s what they did.


There was one time though, when 3AW kept having issues with their tieline link to their commentary team during a match at Football Park, and had to use the 5AA team almost for the whole match.


When did Port Adelaide play the Kangaroos on the Gold Coast?


In 07.


Maybe it was in Canberra?(Kangaroos had home games there for a while.)


Definitely wasn’t in 2007. I don’t recall them playing in the Gold Coast against the Kangaroos.


He is partly right, as Kangaroos did play a few of their home games up in the Gold Coast. Wiki tells me it was against Adelaide not Port Adelaide in 2007.


I was aware they played games in the Gold Coast I just knew that Port Adelaide hadn’t played against them on the Gold Coast.

They did play, I believe in 2005, against the Kangaroos at Manuka Oval. If I recall it was a pretty close game and Port Adelaide were suffering their Premiership Hangover.


North Melbourne have played Port Adelaide 33 times at 8 venues. Football Park, Adelaide Oval (2017), Docklands, MCG (1999x2, 2008), Princes Park (1997, 2002), Manuka Oval (1998, 2001, 2005), SCG (2000) and Bellerive Oval (2013).


I recall 3AW taking a 6PR call of Melbourne v Fremantle on a Saturday Afternoon from Alice Springs approximately 3 years ago.


Fremantle haven’t played in Alice Springs. I assume you mean Darwin. The two times Melb have played Freo there they have been night games. I’d have to look up what the other game was on those particular nights. And, even then, it’s difficult to know who covered what unless someone has a list of matches each radio station covered for other years.


3AW has taken 5AA’s coverage when the match was in Alice Springs or Canberra. i know because KG and Rowey once covered a match in 2005, against the Kangaroos at Manuka Oval, and 3AW took that game instead of two Melbourne teams like they’d normally do.


Whenever i hear a game from Eithlad, the ABC guys always say Docklands instead, any reason why?