AFL Coverage

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That’s my point.


ABC Grandstand has covered all games in the 1st 7 rounds except for 2 games.


Out of interest, which 2 games have the ABC not covered?


Surprised Grandstand is doing the St Kilda v Melbourne game this arvo considering they did the Richmond v Freemantle and will do Brisbane v Collingwood later. Are they obliged to provide a call for the AFL stream? Could save a few bucks otherwise.


I think it has more to do with radio ratings. 3AW and Triple M cover the 3.20pm game in full and dominate in Sunday PM ratings, and ABC feels it can’t be left behind.


Possibly, I do miss decent pre and post match analysis and talkback.

Admittedly, I was at the game and could hear the Grandstand call coming over AW’s (no idea where from, maybe Bunbury?) so flicked over. I can only do so many Pancake Parlour goals and Beaurepaires scoreboards.


Isn’t 3.20pm game the marquee game on Sundays?


AFL Nation commentary line-up for Round 8:

Macquarie Sports Radio in Sydney is broadcasting the Hawthorn-Sydney match but it looks like it will take 3AW’s call instead of AFL Nation.


Why would Macquarie Sports Radio in Sydney take 3AW’s call?


Because they’re both owned by Macquarie? I no longer own Fairfax shares, but did own a few going back a bit. I’d prefer they save a few $ rather than pay a contractor for content they’re already producing.


Crocmedia’s content is usually provided at no cost to stations - it is paid for by in program advertising.


Sorry, St KIlda fans- you get Tim Gossage for the Dockers match.


Herald Sun reports Rex Hunt will return to the commentary box this Saturday night, calling St Kilda v Collingwood for 3AW.


I’m assuming AFL Nation are calling the match at Jiangwan Stadium from Australia given the callers are BP, KB, Daisy, and that Cornes dude is doing pregame but not calling (guessing he’ll be in SA).
KB doesn’t like planes at the best of times, don’t think he’d dance on a dollar all the way to China!


Always loved Rex and Clinton Grybas- the 2005 Cats-Swans final comes to mind.


One of the reasons that 3AW have changed their style so much- to be like ABC-was in 2007 during the the final quarter of the Round 11 Carlton-Port Adelaide game, during which broadcast antics overrode description of play. So Rex toned it down a lot.


I’ve noticed for some matches, SEN uses 1 commentator, 1 special comments for games like Sydney V Fremantle.


SEN don’t have a commentary team of their own any more, it’s AFL Nation, but I get the point.
I guess they figure with social media so rampant within society now that they have no need for a boundary commentator anymore. They tend to have Abbey Holmes for big games (Friday night, public holidays), otherwise occasionally Cooney will do it but rarely.
A second play by play commentator would come in handy but I think it depends on who the person is.


The only conclusion I have come up with is that if there is another station taking Crocmedia’s AFL Nation within a license area then SCA is allowed to use their own Triple M footy feed. Otherwise they must use Crocmedia.
For example in Shepparton/Goulburn Valley there is no other station and probably the same with the Triple M stations in WA.

As Gold 1071 takes AFL Nation I believe 93.5FM can take Triple M Footy in Bendigo. I assume the same with Albury/Wodonga as 2AY takes AFL Nation so 105.7FM can take Triple M Footy.


Maybe that’s where Tim Gossage would come in, but he’s doing the sunday match in perth.