Ashley Browne is moving on from AFL Media and has penned a piece looking back, interesting read.


In February, the AFL Women’s competition gained its own website,

AFL website’s senior reporter and producer Matt Thompson joins Seven News Melbourne next week as a sports reporter, just in time for the start of 2019 season. Matt has worked for AFL Media for the last seven years.

So the presenters for AFL Media at the moment:
Neroli Meadows
Ross Lyon
Mathew Lloyd
Riley Beveridge
Mitch Cleary
Damian Barrett
Callum Twoney
Sarah Black
Daniel Harford
Daniel Hoyne
Kevin Sheehan
Kane Cornes
Jimmy Bartel
Mathew Stokes

The AFL website has launched a separate Match Centre tab one week from the start of the 2020 premiership season (it’s on bottom right corner of the browser window).

That’s one of the worst pieces of web design I’ve ever seen.

Another sacking at AFL Media

Apparently they had 95 journalists… probably a bit too many don’t you think?

I hope radio stations broadcasting the AFL will sign up reporters who have been made redundant by the league.

Where have you sourced that figure?

How many in NSW where Adam was?

was on 3aw last week

Who was quoted as saying that?

A guest? Presenter? Crackpot tailback caller?

A more relevant figure would be the FTE. Was that mentioned?

Neil Mitchell when talking to Jeff Kennett about the number of people at AFL house

I remember that. Last week Herald Sun reported on a leaked organisation chart which showed that 795 people worked at AFL House before the redundancies, 78 of which worked for AFL Media including 20 for the news and analysis department.

Well, crackpots aren’t necessarily confined to the talkback lines.

This article from Mediaweek in 2018 refers to 35 editorial staff.

Since then, they already offloaded the AFL Record to Crocmedia. Excuse me for not believing your (or Jeff’s or Neil’s) claim of them employing 95 journalists. That claim is most certainly bullshit.

Yeah, so nowhere near @VictorianSun claim of 95 journalists.

And here goes another one

Another one made redundant.

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