Adopt a Dot

I’m sure it’s probably mentioned somewhere, but does anyone remember the hockey puck like thing that you attached to your screen on Channel 7, and the era?
I have it in my head it was c.2002-03, but can’t remember it’s name for the life of me.
I also seem to recall 5 or 6 different colours, which is why it suggests that era.

Was probably one of the stranger advertising concepts.


It was “Adopt a Dot” and actually took place at the end of 2000, just after the Sydney Olympics. Nine responded to this promotion with $1 Million Cash Giveaway.

The use of five colours (red, orange, yellow, green and blue) was a major part of Seven’s branding in various guises between around Autumn 1999 and mid-2003 though.

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Courtesy of old mate @Zampakid


The adopt-a-dot campaign burnt some TV’s with some viewers complaining. You had to go to a BP store to participate.

5 colours were used debuting in 1999 and ending in September 2003. The coloured men launched just after the Olympics lasting until July 2002

How? The dot was harmless non-technology that was just a gimmick.


:laughing: Where did you hear that?!

Now that bit I believe


Yeah, maybe BigVic was referring to screen burn-in? Although I thought that phenomenon was more of a mid-2000s thing myself

If a promotional gimmick on Channel Seven actually caused television sets to burn, the papers and A Current Affair would’ve been all over it like the modern sensationalist media of Sydney at a Salim Mehajer court case.


the dots were pieces of cellophane wrapped in cardboard with a 7 logo on it to get people to stick them on their TVs, for the “dot” to be allegedly “charged up” . AFAIK there was possibly a dot superimposed on screen to indicate where people should put the dots on their screen but I can’t see that this was problematic any more than any other on-screen graphic.



in 99 as well?

Edit: Has to be from 2000

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The dot is visible at the beginning of this video just before the credit roll for Wheel of Fortune ends.

It was a whole load of shit. The ‘dots’ were examined by some European newsagency and they basically consisted of a film strip. You could have put the dot in front of any bright light source and it would have worked.


Too bad Nine didn’t run this in the last few months of 2005.

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Also ran in New Zealand in 2000 on TV3, called Teledots here.

Complete and utter shite, of course.

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