Acorn TV

Discussion thread about the streaming platform Acorn TV.

Launched December 2018 in Australia and New Zealand.

Acorn TV increases the UK and Aussie drama offerings.

“We were so pleased with the uptake in Australia that we decided to really focus on the Australian market.

“So we have dramatically increased our content offer and added a lot of content relevant for the Australian market and we’re increasing our marketing.

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TV Week this week has a special flip back cover with an 8 page promotion for Acorn TV.

It says you can sign up for a free trial at: but the link does not seem to work yet.

ETA: There is a link there though under Shop to Free Trial Signup.

There’s one show I want to watch on there Being Human there were 5 seasons made and yet for some reason they only have 2.

Another one?

I mean, how many more streaming services do we need?

I read somewhere that if you wanted to subscribe to ALL of them, it would cost nearly $200 per month.


Season 8 will premiere on Acorn on October 14. The streaming service also has the past seven seasons of the comedy-drama, which has previously aired on Seven.

I had a feeling that more of these streaming services would need to work closer together to endure, into the future. There are just way too many out there and people can’t afford to subscribe to everything.

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