ABC TV - Programs and Schedules

Week commencing 18 June 2023


Sunday 18 June
7:30pm Grand Designs Revisited: North Devon Series Return
8:20pm Silent Witness: History Part Four
9:20pm The Messenger
10:15pm In Limbo Rpt
10:40pm Interview With The Vampire Rpt
11:30pm Mayfair Witches Rpt

Monday 19 June
7:30pm 7.30
8:00pm Australian Story
8:30pm Four Corners
9:15pm Media Watch
9:35pm Q+A Midseason Final
10:35pm China Tonight Rpt
11:10pm ABC Late News
11:25pm The Business Rpt
11:40pm The Split Rpt

Tuesday 20 June
7:30pm 7.30
8:00pm The ABC Of Greig Pickhaver
8:30pm Flyways: The Story of Migratory Shorebirds Premiere
9:30pm Joanna Lumley And The Human Swan Rpt
10:20pm ABC Late News
10:35pm The Business Rpt
10:50pm Four Corners Rpt
11:35pm Media Watch Rpt
11:55pm Parliament Question Time: Senate Rpt

Wednesday 21 June
7:30pm 7.30
8:00pm Utopia
8:30pm Gruen Season 15 Premiere
9:10pm In Limbo
9:35pm Queen of Oz Series Premiere
10:10pm Take 5 With Zan Rowe: Tori Amos Rpt
10:40pm ABC Late News
10:55pm The Business Rpt
11:10pm Ragdoll Rpt
11:55pm Father Brown: The Tower of Lost Souls Rpt

Thursday 22 June
7:30pm 7.30
8:00pm Miriam & Alan: Lost In Scotland And Beyond… Series Finale
8:50pm Grand Designs New Zealand: Beach Escape Rpt
9:35pm One Plus One - The Elders: Ian Hamm Rpt
10:05pm Art Works Rpt
10:35pm ABC Late News
10:50pm The Business Rpt
11:10pm Flyways: The Story of Migratory Shorebirds Rpt
12:05am Q+A Rpt

Friday 23 June
7:30pm Gardening Australia
8:30pm Utopia Rpt
9:00pm Smother
9:55pm Mayfair Witches: What Rough Beast Season Final
10:05pm Utopia Rpt
10:35pm ABC Late News
10:50pm The Split Rpt
11:55pm Harrow: Parce Sepulto Rpt

Saturday 24 June
7:30pm Classic 100 in Concert with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Premiere
9:10pm Vera Rpt
9:45pm Ragdoll Season Final
10:45pm The Messenger Rpt
11:35pm rage Guest Programmer