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Just Between Us


From Tuesday 26 October at 9:25 pm

In this bold new series, each episode is a collection of themed short stories told straight to camera by the people who lived them. In Episode 1 ‘There’s something I want to tell you’ Australians - both well-known and not so well known - reveal intimate secrets and sometimes shocking truths. ‘Family is what you make it’ invites us into the homes of fascinating families to hear their heart-warming and heart-breaking stories. All are moving and leave us feeling we’ve just spent time with someone who has told a story “Just Between Us.”

The Detectives - Season 2


From Monday 25 October at 9:35 pm

The second gripping instalment of The Detectives, deep dives into the murky world of organised crime. Once again, cameras are granted unprecedented behind the scenes access to Greater Manchester Police. This is a real documentary series not a detective drama.

Filmed over two years, this four-part series tracks DCI Liz Hopkinson and her Major Incident Team. Their efforts to tackle organised crime take us to the frontline, as one police force battles against evolving groups of organised criminals.

The Detectives: Fighting Organised Crime investigates real cases of historic organised criminal behaviour in Manchester, including kidnapping, drug and people smuggling. Each episode covers cases as they happen, from tracking the gangs behind the criminal activities to following the team of detectives trying to stop them.

The first two episodes follow different cases. First, in a race against time, specialist detectives try to stop a local gang – suspected of kidnapping and torture – before they strike again. Then, the Major Incidents Team launches a murder investigation after a man is gunned down during a major drug deal in a residential street.

These real-world accounts peak in the gripping final episodes which follow Manchester’s Major Incident Team over one complete case.

Ridley Road


From Saturday 13 November at 8.20pm

Based on a true story, this four-part thriller series is set in 1962 and sees Vivien (Agnes O’Casey) a young Jewish hairdresser from Manchester, join an underground movement trying to stop the rise of the far-right.

Inspired by the struggle of the 62 Group, a coalition of Jewish men who stood up against rising neo-Nazism in post-war Britain, Vivien starts working with them when she realises that Jack, her missing boyfriend (Tom Varey), has been badly injured. Vivien infiltrates the NSM, a neo-Nazi movement which is becoming increasingly prominent in London, risking everything for her beliefs and for the man she loves.

Episode One:
In 1960s London, Vivien, a young Jewish hairdresser, discovers the 62 Group – an intelligence- gathering underground movement trying to stop the rise of the far right.

Production credits: Produced by RED Production company

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The Sound - Season 3


From Sunday 7 November at 5.30pm

The much-lauded Aussie music program The Sound will return to the ABC this November! Celebrating some of our best musical talents since its launch in 2020, The Sound Season 3 will debut on Sunday 7 November at 5.30pm (local time). Viewers can watch The Sound on ABC TV each Sunday afternoon or catch up with the latest episodes via ABC iview.

Across Season 1 and 2, The Sound was resoundingly embraced by the music industry, media, and viewers alike. A staggering 165 artists were filmed with world-class production values, performances captured in 149 unique and spectacular locations and venues across the country… expect more this November!

It’s been 19 months since COVID-19 decimated Australia’s $36.4 billion Live Entertainment Industry. Launched in July 2020 and created by the late, legendary Michael Gudinski, The Sound’s purpose is clear: to showcase Australian artists on a national audience and help create a much-needed sense of community. ‘This is about Australian music,” Gudinski told Billboard back in September 2020. “I’ve learned you’ve got to turn something negative into something positive.’

Tune in for The Sound Season 3 launching this Ausmusic Month – kicking off on Sunday 7 November
at 5.30pm on ABC TV and ABC iview.

Production: A Mushroom Studios production in association with ABC
Executive Producer: Matt Gudinski
Producer: Tom Macdonald
Business Affairs: Dion Brant
Artist Programmer: Susan Heymann
ABC Series Producer: Matt Scully

Universe with Brian Cox

From Monday 15 November 8.30pm

Since the first star illuminated the universe, stars have been engines of creation. Professor Brian
Cox explores their cosmic origins and reveals how ultimately stars brought life to the Universe.

Deep space. High drama. Take a front row seat for the greatest show in the universe. From the makers of The Planets comes Universe with Brian Cox.
Rogue planets, fossilised stars, black holes more massive than a million suns. Huge advances in our understanding of the Universe mean that for the first time we can take you to places we didn’t even know existed just ten years ago. In this new series, we come face to face with the Universe’s most surprising characters and reveal how their fates are intertwined with our own.

Across five episodes, Professor Brian Cox roams the vastness of space and time uncovering exquisite moments of sheer drama that changed the Universe forever. We’ll watch the birth of a star in a stellar nursery, experience the power of a supermassive black hole as it consumes an entire planet, and witness the chaos created as another galaxy collides with our own galaxy, The Milky Way. We’ll even travel back in time to the day without a yesterday - to witness the very beginning of time and space itself in the moment of its inception – to a time before the Big Bang.

Production credits: BBC Studios Production with NOVA and GBH Boston for BBC, PBS, Xigua Video and Bytedance and China Media Group CCTV9. Executive Producers Andrew Cohen (Wonders of the Solar System), Gideon Bradshaw (Human Universe, Inside the Human Body)

Week commencing 31 October


Sunday 31 October
7:40pm Restoration Australia: The Lawns
8:40pm Fires Season Final
9:40pm We Hunt Together Season Final
10:25pm Stateless: Incognita
11:15pm Talking Heads: Her Big Chance

Monday 1 November
8:00pm Australian Story
8:30pm Four Corners
9:15pm Media Watch
9:35pm The Detectives
10:35pm ABC Late News
10:50pm The Business Rpt
11:05pm Big Deal Rpt

Tuesday 2 November
8:05pm The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury Rhodes
8:30pm Going Country Series Premiere
9:30pm Just Between Us: Family Is What You Make It Season Final
10:35pm ABC Late News
10:50pm The Business Rpt
11:05pm Q+A Rpt

Wednesday 3 November
8:00pm Hard Quiz
8:30pm Gruen
9:05pm Frayed Season Final
9:55pm Back Rpt
10:20pm Adam Hills: The Last Leg Rpt
11:00pm ABC Late News
11:15pm The Business Rpt
11:30pm Four Corners Rpt

Thursday 4 November
8:00pm Panorama: George Floyd: A Killing That Shook the World
8:30pm Q+A
9:35pm Doctor Who Rpt
10:25pm You Can’t Ask That: Ex-Prisoners Rpt
10:45pm ABC Late News
11:00pm The Business Rpt
11:15pm Pilgrimage: Road to Santiago Rpt

Friday 5 November
7:30pm Gardening Australia
8:30pm Annika
9:20pm The Accident Rpt
10:05pm Talking Heads: Playing Sandwiches
10:35pm ABC Late News
10:50pm The Vaccine Rpt
11:10pm Gruen Rpt
11:45pm Frayed Rpt

Saturday 6 November
7:30pm Grantchester
8:20pm Shetland Rpt
9:15pm Fires Rpt
10:15pm Call The Midwife Rpt
11:15pm Father Brown: The Whistle In The Dark Rpt

Guests on Just Between Us include Yumi Stynes (who appears tonight), Julie Anthony, Anne Lambert, Stan Grant & Tracey Holmes, and Mark Seymour.


The Wimbledon Kidnapping

From Monday 22 November 9.40pm

Exploring the mysterious disappearance of Muriel McKay, the UK’s first kidnapping case and one of the most infamous cases of mistaken identity.

Britain’s first kidnap and ransom case galvanised the nation in 1969.

On 29th December, Muriel McKay disappeared from her suburban home in Wimbledon. She was kidnapped by mistake, the real target being the wife of media tycoon, Rupert Murdoch.

Such was the strangeness of the case that everyone from the police, family, Fleet Street, and hundreds of clairvoyants all struggled to decipher the vanishing of the respectable 55-year-old housewife.

For the first time, one of the men convicted in this astonishing crime story tells their account.

Following the Drug Money

Thursday 25 November 8.00pm

Drug gangs collect millions in cash, but how do they get the money into a bank account?

BBC’s Panorama investigates a crime gang that has laundered hundreds of millions of dollars around the world. The team follows the dirty money trail from the streets of Europe to the gold markets of Dubai and to the gang leaders in Morocco.

Discover how bankers and accountants help facilitate the crime - and how some drug money ends up in the bank accounts of bigname companies.


From Friday 26 November 8.30pm

It’s 1971 and crime in Oxford is ever-present. Though the events of the past year still weigh heavily on Endeavour’s (Shaun Evans) mind, there’s no chance of ‘light duties’ at the CID – crestfallen and rarely without a scotch in-hand, Endeavour finds himself right back in the thick of it.
Bearing a likeness to a spate of recent Angry Brigade attacks, an explosive murder at an Oxford college has potentially far-reaching political ramifications. Meanwhile, the IRA have made a threat against the life of the Oxford Wanderers’ star striker.

Tasked with the duty of acting bodyguard, Endeavour is shown the glitz and glamour of football stardom – a world away from the game played out on the pitch. A world, in which, footballers are the stars of the show and team loyalty falls secondary to commercial interests.

With the IRA’s threat making front-page news, all eyes are on the upcoming match between the Oxford Wanderers and their rivals, Minnows Cowley Town. The stakes are high – a stadium full of potential perpetrators – forcing the CID to bring in backup. But, when further foul play ensues, the pressure mounts to keep the revered footballer safe.

Back at the college, Endeavour casts doubt over the political motivations for the bomb attack and turns his investigation towards the personal, leading him to a surprising discovery.

Production credits: Endeavour is a Co-Production of Mammoth Screen and Masterpiece, in association with ITV Studios. Executive Producers: Roger Allam, Shaun Evans, Russell Lewis, Damien Timmer and Helen Ziegler.

The Larkins

From Saturday 27 November 7.30pm

Set in the late 1950’s, The Larkins follows the golden-hearted wheeler dealer Pop Larkin (Bradley Walsh) and his wife Ma (Joanna Scanlan), together with their six children, including the beautiful Mariette (Sabrina Bartlett), as they bask in their idyllic and beautiful patch of paradise in Kent.

Fiercely loyal to each other and their community, there’s an overwhelming sense of plenty in their lives and a lot of joy and raucous laughter. With an endless supply of delicious, hearty meals alongside the odd cocktail or two, the Larkins are always happy to share what they have with others, despite the fact that what they have is sometimes obtained by unusual means!

Sadly, their good heartedness is not always shared by certain members of the local community and village gossip (particularly from the Normans) about Pop and his family is often rife.

From government officials and snobbish second homeowners to aggressive urban developers, the Larkins never take threats to their idyllic way of life lying down but when Cedric ‘Charley’ Charlton (Tok Stephen) arrives to inspect their taxes things are looking bleak for The Larkins.

Soon distracted by the beautiful Mariette, Charley quickly discovers that he has a romantic rival in the form of the handsome and mysterious Tom Fisher (Stephen Hagan). Mariette, on the other hand, may have plans of her own, which don’t involve men.

From May Day Fairs to straw-man pram races and donkey derbies, there’s never a dull moment with The Larkins.

Production credits: Produced by Objective Fiction, Genial Productions and Objective Media Group Scotland in association with All3Media International. Executive producers are Ben Farrell, Charlotte Lewis, Sophie Clarke-Jervoise and Simon Nye, Toby Stevens and Bradley Walsh.

This was a really interesting show. I liked it a lot more than I expected.

Week commencing 7 November


Sunday 7 November
7:40pm Restoration Australia: Willow Cottage Season Final
8:40pm Total Control Season 2 Premiere
9:40pm Noughts And Crosses Season Premiere
10:35pm Stateless: The Right Thing Rpt
11:25pm Talking Heads: Playing Sandwiches Rpt
11:55pm Silent Witness: Two Spirits (Part One) Rpt

Monday 8 November
8:00pm Australian Story
8:30pm Four Corners Season Final
9:15pm Media Watch
9:35pm The Detectives
10:35pm ABC Late News
10:50pm The Business Rpt
11:05pm Going Country Rpt

Tuesday 9 November
8:05pm The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury Chios Season Final
8:30pm Going Country Season Final
9:30pm Girl Like You Rpt
10:35pm ABC Late News
10:50pm The Business Rpt
11:05pm Q+A Rpt

Wednesday 10 November
8:00pm Hard Quiz
8:30pm Gruen
9:05pm Preppers Series Premiere
9:35pm Back Rpt
10:00pm Adam Hills: The Last Leg Rpt TBC
10:45pm ABC Late News
11:00pm The Business Rpt
11:15pm Four Corners Rpt

Thursday 11 November
8:00pm Spying on the Scammers
8:30pm Q+A
9:35pm Doctor Who Rpt
10:35pm You Can’t Ask That: Fat Rpt
10:55pm ABC Late News
11:10pm The Business Rpt
11:25pm Pilgrimage: Road to Santiago Rpt

Friday 12 November
7:30pm Gardening Australia
8:30pm Annika
9:20pm The Accident Rpt
10:10pm Talking Heads: A Chip In The Sugar
10:45pm ABC Late News
11:00pm The Vaccine Rpt
11:15pm Gruen Rpt
11:50pm Preppers: Welcome To Eden 2 Rpt

Saturday 13 November
7:30pm Grantchester
8:15pm Ridley Road Series Premiere
9:15pm Total Control Rpt
10:10pm Call The Midwife Rpt
11:10pm Father Brown: The Demise Of The Debutante Rpt
11:55pm rage Guest Programmer

Updated 7/11/21

It will be FTA premiere, it previously aired on BBC First.

Streams on TVNZ OD in New Zealand without a linear broadcast yet

Upcoming programming from BBC’s Panorama for Thursdays at 8pm.


George Floyd: A Killing That Shook the World


Thursday November 4 8:00pm

Thousands of people joined marches against racism after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Clive Myrie asks if this event could change race relations in America.

Spying on the Scammers

Thursday November 11 8:00pm

The BBC’s Panorama program goes inside a criminal call centre to reveal how scammers cheat their victims.

Computer scams con hundreds of thousands of people in the UK every year. Many are run from criminal call centres in India. Using hacked CCTV footage from inside one call centre, Panorama finds out how scams operate, tracks down the victims and goes in search of the man behind the crime.

Exposing the Illegal Organ Trade

A shocking investigation into one of the world’s most brutal trades – the illegal buying and selling of human organs.

The Human Revolution


From ** Tuesday 30 November at 9.30pm

When the human branch sprung from the tree of life, it gave rise to many different species of humans.

In ‘RISE’, the first episode of The Human Revolution, we trace the human story back through deep time to discover who our ancient cousins really were, and what they can tell us about our own story.

From mere fragments left behind in the fossil record, the story of human evolution is being challenged and rewritten as new technologies tease out greater and greater information about our past. A series of ground breaking discoveries revolutionise our understanding of the human story and reveal branches of our family tree that we never knew existed.

Production credits: The Human Revolution is a Wildbear Entertainment production.

Week commencing 14 November


Sunday 14 November
7:40pm Death In Paradise: Murder on the Honore Express Rpt
8:40pm Total Control
9:40pm Noughts And Crosses
10:35pm Stateless: Run Sofie Run Rpt
11:25pm Talking Heads: A Chip In The Sugar Rpt

Monday 15 November
8:00pm Australian Story
8:30pm Universe With Brian Cox Series Premiere
9:25pm Media Watch
9:40pm The Detectives Season Final
10:40pm ABC Late News
10:55pm The Business Rpt
11:10pm Going Country Rpt

Tuesday 16 November
8:05pm Anh’s Brush With Fame: Lisa Wilkinson Rpt
8:30pm Mystify Michael Hutchence Rpt
9:30pm Final Rendezvous Rpt
10:35pm ABC Late News
10:50pm The Business Rpt
11:05pm Q+A Rpt

Wednesday 17 November
8:00pm Hard Quiz
8:30pm Gruen
9:10pm Preppers
9:40pm Back Rpt
10:05pm Adam Hills: The Last Leg Rpt TBC
10:45pm ABC Late News
11:00pm The Business Rpt
11:20pm Universe with Brian Cox Rpt

Thursday 18 November
8:00pm Exposing The Illegal Organ Trade
8:30pm Q+A
9:35pm Doctor Who Rpt
10:20pm You Can’t Ask That: Indigenous Rpt
10:40pm ABC Late News
10:55pm The Business Rpt
11:15pm Pilgrimage: Road to Santiago Rpt

Friday 19 November
7:30pm Gardening Australia
8:30pm Annika Season Final
9:20pm The Accident Rpt
9:20pm Tea with the Dames Rpt
10:40pm Talking Heads: The Outside Dog Rpt
11:15pm ABC Late News
11:30pm The Vaccine Rpt

Saturday 20 November
7:30pm Grantchester Season Final
8:20pm Ridley Road
9:15pm Total Control Rpt
10:15pm Call The Midwife
11:15pm Father Brown: The Darkest Noon
12:00am rage Guest Programmer

Spectacular locations for the artists performing again. Wow at some of these places!

The first episode was hosted by Andy Lee. Is he going for some sort of record of hosting/appearing on shows on every network. :wink:

The Cube on 10, The 100 on 9, The Front Bar on 7 and The Sound on the ABC. Now if he can just do something on SBS by the end if the year, he will do a clean sweep. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sydney’s Mardi Gras comes home to the ABC

The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade will be broadcast on ABC Radio and ABC Television from next year in a three-year deal announced today.

The ABC has also been given broadcast rights to WorldPride, to be held in Sydney in February and March 2023.

ABC Managing Director, David Anderson said he was delighted the ABC would once again be host broadcaster of the Parade. “This is a homecoming for Mardi Gras. The ABC was the first broadcaster to televise Sydney Mardi Gras in 1994. We’ve waited 28 years for it to return and from 2022 onwards, we will provide coverage of Mardi Gras that only the ABC can, without commercial interests.”

The ABC has been given both the television and radio rights to the event until 2024, with triple j named as the host radio broadcaster.

“It is important that wherever you are in Australia, you have the opportunity to take part in this significant cultural event and can celebrate the diversity that exists in Australian communities,” Mr Anderson said. “For us to be able to reflect Australia’s LGBTQI+ community to themselves and to the whole country is incredibly important.”

ABC Chair, Ita Buttrose said: “Who else but the ABC can do justice to Mardi Gras? The decision to first broadcast the Parade in 1994 paved the way for other media to cover the event and since then the ABC has been proud of its support of the LGBTQI+ community in Australia.

“We are the natural home for Mardi Gras, no-one else can take this event to so many Australians in so many places and in so many ways.”

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras CEO, Albert Kruger, said: “We’re thrilled to have the ABC join us as our broadcast partner for the next three years. Our national broadcaster has been a longtime champion of LGBTQI+ communities, and we are proud to partner with such an icon of the Australian media landscape whose values and ethics align with our own. We look forward to working alongside their talented and committed team to amplify the diverse voices of our LGBTQI+ communities, as well as share our stories with the rest of the country.”

The CEO of WorldPride, Kate Wickett, said: “When WorldPride comes to the Asia-Pacific in 2023, Australia’s national broadcaster is the ideal broadcasting partner to amplify our LGBTQI+ culture and community. The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, with Sydney WorldPride is coming home to where it belongs. I would like to thank and acknowledge ABC Chair Ita Buttrose for her unwavering support and advocacy for our LGBTQI+ communities throughout the decades, in particular for taking a leading role as a national voice of health messaging during the AIDS crisis.”

The Mardi Gras Parade will be broadcast on the ABC’s Main Channel, ABC iview and on ABC Australia on Saturday 5 March 2022 starting at 7.30pm live from the Sydney Cricket Ground. The ABC will also feature LGBTQI+ content on triple j, ABC iview, ABC Radio Sydney and local radio around the country and on ABCQueer.

The ABC has long-championed on-air representation of the LGBTQI+ community in Australia. In June 2020, the corporation released its Five-Year Plan reaffirming its commitment to LGBTQI+ Australians as part of its diversity strategy, including people from diverse cultural, geographical and Indigenous backgrounds, and people with disability.

In 2020 The ABC launched its first LGBTQI+ Instagram channel ABCQueer for young, queer Australians and earlier this year was awarded Gold Employer status at the Australian LGBTQ Inclusion Awards.

I hadn’t realized the rights were up and they were SBS’s to lose in 2022.

I wonder what they’ll do for the hosting line-up and whether they’ll retain all or any of Narelda, Courtney, Joel and Zoe.

Seems to me the ABC is taking a dig at SBS’s coverage, including having Narelda from 10 as a co-host.


Sounds just like a fact. SBS has advertising and that is taken into account when securing partners /advertisers to help fund programming, ABC does not.

Doubt it was any subtle dig towards Narelda or the fact she’s from 10, I’m sure she was chosen cause she’s a fairly well known great broadcaster who is also a person of colour in the queer community - not her regular network.