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She is better than James McHale, who is quite robotic.

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I’d agree with that.

Ratings dropped considerably when Carvalho took over and have not recovered. The Brisbane bulletin is now the worst performing of the 5 cities by a long way (as measured as a percentage of main news bulletins).


Sad to see as the ABC (and TEN to some extent) offers a better alternative to the circus on Nine and Seven, yet ratings are the complete opposite.

Is it possible that ABC News Queensland has been declining in the ratings since Karina Carvalho took over because she’s the outsider compared to the native Queenslanders who are the main weeknight newsreaders on the commercial news bulletins?

Maybe a decade or more ago you could call Ten News a better alternative to Seven and Nine here in the Sydney market, but surely not these days?

Overall ABC News NSW is a generally good news service, although Sydneysiders (particularly those in the Western suburbs, I suspect) would rather watch A Current Affair at 7pm every weeknight! But of course you’d expect that from the same media market which continually supports 2GB and The Daily Telegraph…

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A decade ago (as far as commercial news is concerned) I would’ve considered Seven News to be the best in the Sydney (TEN a close second), while Nine just looked cheap and ugly in comparison.

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By biggest gripe with ABC News Queensland is the story selection and order. Tonight for example, why was a lengthy story about a diplomatic spat between Australia and China including a report from Samoa really the top news story in Queensland tonight?


First thing I thought of when I watched the video, very strange choice.

While a story that features prominently on the ABC News website (and all commercial bulletins) about a coffin-swapping claim wasn’t covered at all.

In all there just 3 Queensland news stories tonight! That is a very common occurrence. In short, you can’t rely on the 7pm bulletin from ABC to inform you of the main local stories.

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Agreed. Queensland often leads with “dull but worthy stories” rather than stories that might actually be relevant and interesting to viewers.

Been interesting to see a real marked increase in Victorian local stories, particularly crime that five years ago the ABC wouldn’t have done.

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Ian Henderson returns from holidays on Monday January 22 in Victoria.

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News in Brisbane tonight with Louisa Rebgetz

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Matt Wordsworth will be the new Monday - Thursday presenter of Queensland’s 7pm bulletin:



ABC TV’s 7pm News in Queensland will have a new line-up in 2018 with award-winning journalist Matt Wordsworth joining Jessica van Vonderen on the anchor desk.

Starting Monday 29 January, Wordsworth will anchor the flagship 7pm News bulletin Monday-Thursday with van Vonderen presenting on Friday and weekends.

Born and raised in Queensland, Wordsworth is one of the ABC’s top political and investigative reporters and a former presenter of 7.30 Queensland. He returns to Brisbane after two years based in Sydney.

“As a Queenslander I am thrilled and honoured to be returning to my home state to take on this important role,” Wordsworth said.

“Queensland contributes so richly to the economic, cultural and political landscape of the nation and I look forward to continuing the outstanding coverage the ABC provides throughout our great state.”

Van Vonderen has been an integral part of ABC Queensland since 2009.

"I’m really looking forward to another big year in Queensland, bringing amazing stories to our audience, on behalf of an incredibly hard-working bunch of ABC journalists, camera operators and editors,” she said.

It was announced last week that former anchor Karina Carvalho, who has been presenting the flagship 7pm bulletin since April 2013, is moving to take up a new national presenting role. From Monday 29 January Carvalho will anchor ABC NEWS Channel every weeknight from 7pm-9pm, based in Sydney.

The ABC in Queensland offers a breadth and depth of national and local coverage unrivalled by any other news organisation, with a team of journalists working across television, radio and digital platforms from newsrooms in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Bundaberg, Sunshine Coast, Mt Isa, Mackay, Longreach, Cairns, Townsville, Toowoomba and Rockhampton.

Matt Wordsworth

Matt Wordsworth is a multi-award winning political and investigative reporter and presenter with more than 20 years’ experience in journalism. His presenting highlights include hosting Lateline, 7.30 Queensland, national 7.30 and metropolitan news bulletins. As a reporter, he’s covered major events here and overseas, including the London Olympics and several state elections.

Jessica van Vonderen

Jessica van Vonderen is a familiar face in Queensland as the current weekend presenter of ABC Queensland’s 7pm news bulletin and the former host of 7.30 Queensland and Stateline. The award winning journalist has almost two decades experience in TV, radio and online, including being involved in the ABC’s coverage of every Queensland election since 2004. She’s reported from bureaus in Toowoomba, Bundaberg, Brisbane, Darwin and Canberra on some of the country’s biggest stories.


Paul Higgins presenting in Victoria again this week.


Wordsworth is an excellent appointment.


Nicole Chettle presenting ABC News NSW 7pm bulletin tonight.

So Juanita must be unavailable tonight (she presented last night), and Jeremy on holidays? (as she seems to be their #3 reader).


Why are many of Tom Ballard’s Tonightly sketches, most of which are extremely left-wing, being featured on the ABC News Facebook page? I mean, I could probably understand having them on the ABC Comedy FB page, but certainly not the news page.

There also really needs to be some moderation on that Facebook page to weed out off-topic and extremely divisive comments.

I’ve taken a look and three-quarters of the top comments are either Peter Hayden (some right-wing nut who always weaves an anti-ABC remark into his comment) or others of his ilk, and the other quarter is some Che Guevara impersonator who wants Australia to go communist.


I’m all for satire and how it can complement serious news. However with the selective nature of what appears in people’s facebook feeds, that might be the only ABC news story that pops up for them, thus creating the impression that it’s a slow news day, or the lefties find high energy prices funny.

As for moderation, I agree, better moderation is required to correct people when they are factually incorrect and remove comments when appropriate. This applies to many news and information pages, not just ABC.