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Just announced on ABC Radio Melbourne news bulletin at 10:30 AM that Paul Higgins is leaving the ABC. He most recently has been presenting the weather on the 7PM flagship News for the ABC in Victoria. He had also been presenting the weather on evening bulletins on the News Channel though stopped in the last year.


No shock there at all.

He’s been off/ suspended so many times and shown his disrespect for his job so it was only a matter of time.


Not surprised by the news of Paul Higgins’ departure.

He had a long career at the ABC (he hosted Behind the News at one stage).

It will be interesting to see if the 7pm Victorian bulletin will still have a dedicated weather presenter after Paul leaves.


Paul has probably lined up a Sky After Dark show or filling in for Bolt.

Paul also presented the weather on Seven News Melbourne for sometime in 1988 while presenting BtN on ABC (Was there on the launch night of The Mission theme, new news duo Jen Keyte and Glen Taylor, etc). Also presented the Lotto for sometime around 1993.


I’d like to see either Danny Tran or Steph Ferrier.

Tuesday 4 June -
Ishkandar Razak presenting news in Victoria tonight.


When Simon McCulloch left the Tasmanian bulletin, they didn’t replace him. I think after Jenny Woodwood leaves QLD, they will only have Tom Saunders in Sydney as a national meteorologist type role for NC and NSW weather.

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Paul Higgins revealed during tonight’s bulletin that his last day at the ABC would be next Thursday, June 13, ending his 38-year career at the broadcaster.


He seemed to always have a lot of time off. No idea why he had so much time off. You always got the feeling he had a frosty relationship with Management by just reading the room etc.


Probably just wanted to be consistent with the news presenters! :grin:


He was the most consistent until the last couple of years when stuff has obviously gone down. I suspect he’s accumulated and since used a fair portion of the sick leave he had in the meantime.

Very sad to hear of his departure, but it’s been coming for a long time.


… who is struggling with health issues.

Go touch some grass or something.

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Is that necessary?

They probably didn’t know that.


Yes it was.

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Nice :+1:

Using up leave before retiring. The public service is full of people in their twilight years who treat their workplace like a drop in centre. All above board, often better for the agency’s books as well.rather than pay it all out in one go.

But he was apparently angling to replace Hendo and then the covid incident so he’s probably a little offside with management


ABC Ombudsman Fiona Cameron released a report this morning on complaints about reporter Jamelle Wells’ social media activity in relation to the brumbies in Kosciuszko national park. According to The Guardian Australia’s Amanda Meade, the report found the broadcast breached the ABC’s editorial standards for accuracy and impartiality in the feral horses story. The report recommended ABC News issue a correction and that it update the board on “measures identified to ensure future adherence to the standards”.

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ABC statement

ABC Radio News NSW. On April 8 two stories reported on opposition to the culling of feral horses by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NWPS) in the Kosciusko National Park. The stories included claims the number of horses in the park is at or below 3000 rather than the NWPS estimate of between 12,797 and 21,760 and that the horses are being mistreated when shot. The stories were published without seeking comment from the NPWS, and failed to acknowledge evidence previously provided by the NPWS to a parliamentary inquiry attesting to independent assessments validating its estimate and expert assessment that the culling is done humanely.

Seems like she still has the role, still listed as a weekend anchor on IView and presented tonight.